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June 2016  


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Table of Contents:

1.  GeorgeSquared (Georgetown University Medical center and George Mason University) offer a nine-month, 20-credit certificate in advanced biomedical sciences.      
2.  The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Office has produced a series of videos that cover a variety of topics, including admissions timeline, personal statement, shadowing, and interviewing
3.  The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine also invites you to an Open House on June 3, 2016. 
4.  The State University of New York (SUNY) State College of Optometry (New York, NY) will be hosting its Spring Open House on Thursday, June 2. 
5.  Admissions Requirements and Application Protocol for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) and for the Georgia Campus –PCOM. 
6.  Thinking about applying to dental school?  Don’t miss the 2016 ADEA (American Dental Education Association) Predental Student Virtual Fair on June 9!  
7.  The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is pleased to announce that the 2016-2017 PTCAS application instructions and directory pages are now available on the live PTCAS website.
8.  University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy News – June 2016.        
9.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 2, 2016 edition.    
10.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 9, 2016 edition.  
11.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 23, 2016 edition.  


1.  GeorgeSquared (Georgetown University Medical center and George Mason University) offer a nine-month, 20-credit certificate in advanced biomedical sciences.     

GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate Program

Offered jointly by the Georgetown University Medical Center and George Mason University


  • Nine-month, 20-credit certificate provides advanced science preparation for the health professions, including medical, dental, and other health fields
  • Taught and administered by faculty from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and George Mason University
  • Extensive tutoring and personalized advising from knowledgeable professors and support faculty
  • Preparation for professional examinations (MCAT, DAT, GRE)
  • Professional advising and support toward your academic and career goals, including essay writing, mock interviews, discussions on the health care industry, and visits from professional school recruiters
  • Course work offered primarily at the state-of-the-art Science and Technology Campus of George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia; anatomy labs taught at the Georgetown School of Medicine
  • Small, friendly campus environment with new student housing available
  • Opportunity to complete a full master's degree in physiology at Georgetown SOM with two additional months of study after completing the ABS Certificate
  • Prerequisites - Bachelor's degree from an accredited university, 3.0+ undergraduate GPA, completion of pre-health prerequisites, three letters of recommendation, and a demonstrated commitment to health care


The ABS Certificate Curriculum

(Subject to Change)


FALL 2016


Cellular and Molecular Physiology
(4 credits)


Biostatistics and Epidemiology
(3 credits)


Cell Biology and Microscopic Anatomy
(3 credits)


Biomedical Career Pathways
(1 credit)


MCAT, DAT, or GRE prep 




Fundamentals of Human Physiology
(5 credits)


Introduction to Human Anatomy
(3 credits)


Physician and Society
(1 credit)


MCAT or DAT prep


Bull Run Hall, Room 308

10900 University Blvd., MS 6ES

Manassas, VA 20110


Applications for Fall 2016 accepted

September 1, 2015 - July 15, 2016


2.  The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Office (WVSOM) has produced a series of videos that cover a variety of topics, including admissions timeline, personal statement, shadowing, and interviewing.    

Dear Health Professions Advisors,


Greetings from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Admissions Office!


This email is announcing an admissions video project that we have been producing. The project is a series of videos that cover a variety of admissions topics. Some of the topics available are: admissions timeline, personal statement, shadowing, and interviewing. We wanted to create short videos on common topics that affect pre-med students.  Our goal is to help students avoid problems. We also felt a series of videos about these topics could help advisors too.   


We have currently released ten videos with ten more scheduled for release. Our videos can be found on our YouTube page at:


We release a new video every Friday at 4:00p on our Facebook page and on Twitter @WVSOMAdmissions.  It is our hope that you find our videos helpful. We look forward to seeing you all in Minneapolis in June. If you have any questions about this project or WVSOM, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



Kind regards,


Julian Arbaugh, MBA

Admissions Counselor, Sr.

WV School of Osteopathic Medicine

400 N Lee Street Lewisburg, WV 24901



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3.  The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine also invites you to an Open House on Friday, June 3, 2016. 


4.  The State University of New York (SUNY) State College of Optometry (New York, NY) will be hosting its Spring Open House on Thursday, June 2. 

Hello pre-health advisors,


We are happy to announce that registration for our Spring Open House is now open at The event is scheduled for Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 from 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM.


Please help us share this information with all of your students. Students are welcome to bring up to 2 guests. Any questions regarding the event should be directed to our General Admissions email at


We look forward to seeing some of your students there, and potentially some of you! Thanks in advance for your help.


All my best,


Christian Alberto, MSEd


Learn more about us:


Assistant Director of Admissions

SUNY State College of Optometry

Office of Student Affairs

33 W. 42nd Street

New York, NY 10036

p: (212) 938-5673

f: (212) 938-5504





5.  Admissions Requirements and Application Protocol for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) and for the Georgia Campus –PCOM. 

Greetings from the Admissions team!

As you know, all of us appreciate the work you do on behalf of your students and graduates who consider academic degree programs at our school.  Since the launch of the 2016-2017 AACOMAS application is right around the corner, I am sending you the following information on the admissions requirements for our DO program, as well as details specific to the application process. This is taken directly from our web site at  I hope this updated information is helpful as you continue to advise your applicants. 


If  you or your colleagues have questions, kindly reach out to any of our team members for assistance. 


Please note, we are still in the process of finalizing the first year DO class for fall, 2016 at both campuses. The DO Faculty Committee on Admissions is working with a robust wait list and as in the past, the selection of candidates can continue from now until the start of classes in August, 2016 should seats become available.


Members of the team are looking forward to working with you during the year as well as connecting with you at the Annual Conference in Minneapolis. We are participating in the NAAHP Health Professions Fair from 1:30pm - 3:30pm for students, as well as the Health Professions Fair for advisor attendees from 4:00pm - 6:00pm on Saturday, June 18th. Please stop by our table at that time!


Safe travels and warm regards,

Deborah Benvenger

Chief Admissions Officer



Admission Requirements

Prior to matriculation each applicant must meet the following admission's requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Applications from students with at least three years of exceptional undergraduate work will be considered.
  • Eight semester hours of Biology, including two semester hours of laboratory.
  • Eight semester hours of Physics, including two semester hours of laboratory.
  • Sixteen semester hours of Chemistry, including four semester hours of laboratory; at least four of the sixteen required semester hours must be organic chemistry (with lab) and at least three semester hours must be biochemistry. 
  • Six semester hours of English composition and literature.
  • Official exam scores from the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Prospective students are urged to take the test as early as possible and no later than September of the year prior to matriculation. For those who are submitting an updated test score, a January test date will be accepted. The MCAT must be taken within three years of the desired date of matriculation. For 2017 enrollment, exams taken before August 2014 will not be accepted to complete an applicant record.

Admission to PCOM is comprehensive as well as competitive. We seek well-rounded, achievement-oriented persons whose character, maturity and sense of dedication point to a successful and productive life as an osteopathic physician. We are an institution that has historically sought diversity in our student population. We actively recruit under-represented minority students and non-traditional students who often offer exceptional potential for becoming outstanding physicians.

Grades and MCAT scores are important to us as they are some of the best predictors of success in medical school; however, we also look very carefully at research experience, clinical exposure, extracurricular activities, community involvement, motivation to study medicine and letters of recommendation.


Application Process

AACOMAS: Centralized Application Service

We participate in AACOMAS, the centralized application service for the colleges of osteopathic medicine and adhere to the Applicant Protocol and Admissions Guidelines as adopted by the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine and published in the College Information Book.

Beginning in May, prospective osteopathic medical students may submit their application through a secure Web server, AACOMAS-On-Line. Be advised that your full AACOMAS application must be e-submitted, completed and verified by February 1st, 2017 to be considered for admissions to PCOM and/or GA Campus-PCOM.

Applicants who wish to apply to both our Philadelphia and Georgia Campuses must submit a separate AACOMAS application for each campus, pay the corresponding AACOMAS fees, as well as submit separate supplemental applications and corresponding PCOM application fee. Letters of recommendation must also be submitted to both AACOMAS applications (Philadelphia and Georgia). Although the requirements and the processes are the same, each application is evaluated for that particular campus by the individual Faculty Committee on Admissions for each campus. Note that the campus-specific PCOM application fee is required in order for the Office of Admissions to process that application.

We will acknowledge receipt of each AACOMAS application electronically to the email address provided on your AACOMAS application; this message will include the appropriate PCOM supplemental application link as well as instructions on how to pay the PCOM application fee of $75 (per campus). There is no pre-screening process; all applicants receive the supplemental. The supplemental and all required materials (including the application fee(s)) must be received by March 1, 2017. However, early submission is strongly recommended as interviewees are selected and decisions are rendered on a rolling basis.

Your campus specific application will be processed and assessed by the appropriate Faculty Committee on Admissions only after the receipt of:

  • Non-refundable PCOM application fee of $75 (required to begin application processing at PCOM)
  • Completed supplemental application for admission
  • Official MCAT score report which can be sent to PCOM as follows:
    • Send directly from AAMC to AACOMAS so long as AACOMAS accepts updates
    • After AACOMAS stops accepting updates, you can send your AAMC verification code and ID via e-mail to
  • Fulfillment of the Letter of Recommendation requirement which is as follows
    • A letter of recommendation from your pre-health or academic advisor/committee (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate programs). NOTE: This is the preferred letter of recommendation by the DO Faculty Committee on Admissions;     OR
    • Three faculty letters of recommendation: Two of those three letters must be from BASIC SCIENCE professors (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate programs). Please note that the faculty letters must be from a professor that issued a grade in a course that appears on the applicant's institutional transcript. The course number and title must be noted in the letter. 

* Please note that this is the only letter REQUIREMENT, however, we will accept a limited number of  additional letters from other individuals.

* All Recommendation letters must be on letterhead and preferably signed by the recommenders.

*Recommendation letters must be submitted through AACOMAS to each campus selected, or via e-mail to We can not accept letters from other sources.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the receipt of all required materials by AACOMAS as well as PCOM.  Candidates are expected to review the applicant portals frequently and to exercise patience during the processing of all application materials. 

Please note that the PCOM applicant portal will not provide status updates nor indicate that a record is “complete”.  Once required items are received and processed, a received date will be populated in each appropriate field.  Note that applications missing “required” information are incomplete and will not be reviewed by the committee for interview eligibility. The Office of Admissions cannot verify if applications are complete by phone or email. 


Deborah A. Benvenger

Chief Admissions Officer

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

4170 City Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19131

(215) 871-6700

(215) 871-6719 (f)


6.  Thinking about applying to dental school?  Don’t miss the 2016 ADEA (American Dental Education Association) Predental Student Virtual Fair on June 9!

Don’t Miss the 2016 ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair on June 9!

Are you:

  • Applying to dental school this year?
  • Thinking about applying to dental school?
  • Considering many health professions and looking for more specific information about dentistry?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, the 2016 ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair is for you. Join us on June 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Your FREE registration gives you access to a 10-hour virtual session and the opportunity to:

  • Chat live with admissions representatives from more than 45 U.S. dental schools.
  • Watch presentations about financing a dental education, creating a successful ADEA AADSAS® application, the dental school application process and many more.
  • Download resources including brochures, videos and dental school information.
  • Network with other students in a live chat forum.

Register today! Please invite anyone else who might be interested to this FREE event, and share on social media using #PSVF16.

Hope to “see” you on June 9!

- The ADEA Virtual Fairs Team

ADEA GoDental | 655 K Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20001 | 202-289-7201






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7.  The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is pleased to announce that the 2016-2017 PTCAS application instructions and directory pages are now available on the live PTCAS website. 

2016-2017 PTCAS INSTRUCTIONS: APTA is pleased to announce that the 2016-2017 PTCAS application instructions and directory pages are now available on the live PTCAS website at The website includes a  revised PowerPoint slides for applicants at


APPLICATION: The new application will open by 5:00 pm ET on June 30. Please instruct students not to send materials to PTCAS until then. 


ACAPT ADMISSIONS TRAFFIC RULES: The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT), a component of APTA, approved a set of admission traffic rules for PT education programs and applicants. The rules are effective beginning in the 2016-2017 admissions cycle and available to the public on the ACAPT website. While all PT programs and applicants are expected to abide by these rules, APTA and PTCAS cannot comment on or enforce them. Please contact ACAPT directly with questions about these rules at


·         ACAPT Traffic Rules for Programs

·         ACAPT Traffic Rules for Applicants


NEW PROGRAMS: APTA welcomed the following DPT programs to the PTCAS community for the 2016-2017 cycle to date. There are currently 208 programs participating in PTCAS.  See also the PTCAS directory.


  • Angelo State University
  • Kean University
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Northeastern University
  • Texas State University
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • University of Evansville
  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


ESSAY QUESTION: The new PTCAS essay question for the next cycle will be "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?" 


2014-2015 PTCAS DATA: Applicant data for the 2015-2016 admissions cycle will be released in the PTCAS Applicant Data report in fall 2016. The 2014-2015 report is currently available at If you do not yet have a PTCAS Advisor Portal account and wish to access your institution’s applicant-specific data for the 2015-2016 cycle in the fall, please request a new account at


2017-2018 CYCLE: PTCAS plans to transition to the CAS 3.X application platform in the 2017-2018 cycle. More information about the transition will be shared with advisors as it becomes available.


THANK YOU! On behalf of APTA, we thank the advisor community for its support and look forward to another successful admissions cycle! A special thanks to our NAAHP Liaison, Lisa Shipley at the University of Wyoming, for her ongoing and valuable contributions to the PTCAS Work Group.



Libby J. Ross, MA

Director, Academic Services

American Physical Therapy Association

703-706-3326 (direct)

800-999-2782, ext. 3326 (toll free)



8.  University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy News – June 2016




Class of 2016 PharmD Students Graduate

The UT College of Pharmacy held its Honors and Awards Convocation and Commencement Ceremony for pharmacy graduates on May 12 at the Orpheum Theatre.





Brown to Chair NIH Gynecologic Pain Syndrome Working Group

Dr. Candace Brown was asked to chair the working group at the Scientific Vision Meeting of the NIH Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch.





Class of 2016 Exceeds National Average for Residency Match

UTCOP continues to produce well-qualified residency candidates, with an 80% match rate. 





Class of 2016 Gift to College

Class Presidents presented Dean Chisholm-Burns with
a check for $4,460.16 on behalf of the Class of 2016.




International Advanced Practice Experiences

UTCOP student pharmacists had the opportunity to take part in international advanced practice experiences this year, traveling to countries across the globe. 





Student Pharmacist Certificate Recipients

UT College of Pharmacy students graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as APhA Immunization and Medication Therapy Management Certifications. Several Class of 2016 graduates earned an additional certification. 





Class of 2016 PharmD Graduates and Hometowns






Class of 2016 PharmD Graduates' Career Plans



Imhotep Student Pharmacist Inductees

A new group of student pharamcists were inducted into the Imhotep Society. 


White Coat Ceremony

On April 29, student pharmacists celebrated the completion of their first year by receiving white coats.




Government Advanced Practice Experiences

UTCOP student pharmacists participated in various government advanced practice experiences across the nation.





Student Pharmacist Earn ACLS Provider Status

Nineteen students earned their ACLS Provider status this April.





UTCOP Students Lend a Helping Hand

UTCOP students volunteered with the UTMC Internal Medicine Haiti Medical Team to prepare for future medical mission trips. 





Sykes Represents UTCOP at Career Fair

Student pharmacist, Kenneth Sykes, represented UTCOP at a career fair for 8th grade students. 





Chisholm-Burns Named AST Fellow

Dean Marie Chisholm-Burns was selected as a Fellow of the American Society of Transplantation (FAST).





Byrd Named Dean of ETSU Gatton Collge of Pharmacy

Dr. Debbie Byrd begins her new role as Dean of Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy on July 1, 2016.




Phelps Receives UTAA Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Stephanie Phelps received the Outstanding Teacher Award presented by the University of Tennessee Alumni Association.




UTHSC SGAEC Excellence in Teaching Awards

Drs. Cathy Crill, Jonathan Hoover and David Rogers received the SGAEC Excellence in Teaching Awards on May 3, 2016.



Meibohm Teaches in Mumbai

Dr. Bernd Meibohm served as faculty instructor for an International Certificate Course on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamis at the Bombay College of Pharmacy in Mumbai, India in April.





Dickerson Named Associate Editor of Nutrition

Roland N. Dickerson, PharmD, BCNSP recently was appointed associate editor of the journal Nutrition.



Weathers to Continue Work with UT Undergraduate Students

UTCOP celebrated Stephanie Weathers before she transitioned to her new position at the undergraduate Student Success Center at UT Knoxville. 







Pharmacy Magazine Wins Gold

The Fall 2015 issue of the UTHSC-COP Magazine was recognized as a Gold Winner of the Hermes Creative Award.





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Email details and a high quality photo to Andria White at






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9.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 2, 2016 edition.    

STAT Short, topical, and timely

News from the Association of American Medical Colleges

May 2, 2016

New AAMC Report Envisions Future of Academic Medicine

Academic Medicine in 2025: Notable Trends and Five Future Forces, a new AAMC report developed in collaboration with the Institute for the Future, examines how health care trends and five external future forces could lead to major cultural, social, and technological changes over the next ten years. The report describes how these forces—including on-demand learning, the flipped clinic, and networked discovery—affect medical education and the academic health system model and highlights real-life examples that are early indicators of change. This publication and an earlier AAMC report are part of a new Future of Academic Medicine Series.

AHRQ Appoints Bindman as New Director

Last week, AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, praised the appointment of Andrew Bindman, MD, as director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). "AHRQ plays a critical role in connecting providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders with the information they need to ensure patient care is as safe, efficient, and effective as possible. Dr. Bindman's contributions to health policy and research will deepen the agency's focus on vulnerable populations, access to care, and health outcomes."

Alternative Payment Models Examined Through Examples in Practice

The AAMC has developed a series of resources as part of its work with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative, which encourages hospitals, physicians, and other providers to work together to improve health outcomes while lowering costs. The Examples in Practice Series highlights the challenges faced and strategies used by leaders at several health systems while participating in BPCI. These examples offer potential lessons for other academic medical centers pursuing delivery reform under alternative payment models and for the insurance administrators and policymakers designing alternative payment models.

Request for Information on Supporting Team Science in Biomedical Research

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) has issued a request for information (RFI) on approaches for supporting team science in the biomedical research community. The AAMC is planning a response and invites medical schools and teaching hospitals to provide the NIGMS with input by June 17.

In Memoriam

David "D." Kay Clawson, MD, former dean of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, died on Mar. 11 at the age of 88. As an emeritus professor, Clawson was a member of the school's admissions committee for more than 20 years. He also served as executive vice chancellor at the University of Kansas Medical Centers in Kansas City and Wichita. Clawson served in a number of distinguished roles within the AAMC, including member of the executive committee, chairman of the Council of Deans, and chairman of the board of directors from 1988 to 1989.

Norman C. Nelson, MD, former chancellor of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and dean of the School of Medicine, died Apr. 21 at the age of 86. The medical school's student union was named for him after he retired in 1994 after 21 years. Nelson began his career in academic medicine at Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans, where he served as medical school dean.

On the Move

John V. Marymont, MD, has been named vice president for medical affairs and dean of the College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama, succeeding Samuel J. Strada, PhD, effective July 1. Marymont is currently chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport.

The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) has named William W. Pinsky, MD, as its next president and CEO. He will succeed Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, MD, effective July 1. In this role, Pinsky will also serve as board chair of ECFMG's Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.


10.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 9, 2016 edition.  

STAT Short, topical, and timely

News from the Association of American Medical Colleges

May 9, 2016

Nation's Medical Schools Increase Enrollment by 25 Percent Since 2002

U.S. medical school enrollment has increased by 25 percent since 2002, according to the results of the AAMC's 2015 Medical School Enrollment Survey that were announced at the 12th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference in Chicago. The report indicates that first-year enrollment will reach 21,434 students by 2017-18, a 30 percent increase over the 2002 baseline enrollment level the association called for a decade ago to address the nation's coming physician shortage. In a press release, AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, said the nation's medical schools had stepped up to the meet the challenge but that the need for increased federal funding for residency positions was still a concern.

Karen Fisher Joins AAMC as Chief Public Policy Officer

Karen Fisher, JD, has joined the AAMC as the new chief public policy officer. For the past four years, Fisher served as senior health counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance and previously served as senior director in health care affairs at the AAMC for more than a decade. Her experience in health, education, research, and other policy "will provide a great foundation as she works to advance public policy that supports the missions of the nation's medical schools and teaching hospitals," said AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD. Fisher succeeds Atul Grover, MD, PhD, who now serves as executive vice president of the AAMC.

New Video Explores Medical School Application Service

In 2015, the American Medical School Application Service (AMCAS) received more than 50,000 applications from students applying to medical school (more than 46,000 were received in 2014). As the application season gets under way, a new AAMC video provides a behind-the-scenes look at AMCAS operations and what happens to each application as it progresses through the system. Visit for more information and resources.

2016 AAMC Data Book Now Available

Each year, the AAMC updates its publication, AAMC Data Book: Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals by the Numbers. The report serves as a valuable resource of data and trends on U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals, applicants, students, tuition, financial aid, student debt, medical school growth, and other topics of interest related to medical education. The 2016 edition includes 75 charts and data tables that present the number of U.S. medical school applicants, the number of full-time faculty at medical schools, median tuition and fees for first-year U.S. medical students, specialties with the highest percentage of residents, and more.

VA Releases Women's Health Mobile Apps

To assist providers in caring for women veterans and in recognition of National Women's Health Week (May 8-14), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Women's Health Services has released two new mobile applications for VA and non-VA health care team members. The Caring4Women Veterans app provides information to help address the unique physical and mental health issues affecting women veterans. The PreconceptionCare app assists care teams in integrating preconception care into primary care visits and provides access to resources about birth control usage, reproductive history, health status, family and genetic history and risks, vaccinations, and lifestyle.

Modern Healthcare Opens Poll on Mandatory Age for Physician Retirement

Modern Healthcare, the weekly trade publication geared toward industry executives, recently opened a poll to gauge whether or not there should be a mandatory retirement age for U.S. physicians. Among other things, the brief poll asks if only certain specialties should be singled out for mandatory retirement and whether there should be mandatory clinical skills tests or health evaluations for physicians as they age. Click here to participate.


11.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, May 23, 2016 edition.  

STAT Short, topical,
and timely

News from the Association of American Medical Colleges

May 23, 2016

Ways and Means Committee's Hospital Bill Includes Critical Provisions to Ensure Access to Care

Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee introduced The Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act of 2016 (H.R. 5273), a measure the AAMC praised for two provisions that are "crucial to ensuring that the nation's medical schools and teaching hospitals are able to better serve their communities and provide health care for all Americans." AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, emphasized that "this new legislation will help ensure that teaching hospitals, which treat our nation's most medically complex and vulnerable patients, are not unfairly and disproportionately penalized by Medicare's readmissions program."

Pre-registration Deadline Approaching for 2016 Integrating Quality Meeting

Online pre-registration for the 8th Annual AAMC Integrating Quality Meeting, held June 9-10 in Rosemont, Ill., ends on May 31. The meeting will focus on the theme "Optimizing Care and the Clinical Learning Environment," and will include expert presentations, interactive workshops, and poster sessions for those working to improve value, quality, and patient safety. Keynote speakers Ashish Jha, MD, MPH, and David Ansell, MD, MPH, will talk about the impact of payment reform on U.S. teaching hospitals and eliminating health disparities, respectively. A one-day preconference workshop, Leading for Quality, will be held on June 8.

New Academic Medicine Conversations Series Focuses on Global Health Care Workforce

The next topic for Academic Medicine's New Conversations series will focus on preparing a global health care workforce to address the many health needs around the world. David P. Sklar MD, editor-in-chief, announced the series and Debra F. Weinstein, MD, deputy editor, provided additional details, noting that the topic comes at a "pivotal time for medical education." The journal is currently accepting submissions on the new topic and will begin publishing selected articles later this year.

AHRQ Report Examines Disparities in Health Care Quality and Access

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released the 2015 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, which tracks health care processes, outcomes, and access measures, and provides a snapshot of health care disparities following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Results indicate that while insurance coverage improved substantially for black and Hispanic adults, few disparities were reduced or eliminated. The report also tracks progress made to address the priorities of the National Quality Strategy—a program mandated by the ACA—over the last five years and provides a more comprehensive assessment of national efforts to reduce inequities in health and health care.

On the Move

Louis D. Filhour, PhD, RN, has been appointed CEO for Albany Medical Center Hospital's Performing Provider System. Filhour has served as senior vice president for clinical quality at Albany Medical Center since 2005.


Dr. Stan Eisen, Director
Preprofessional Health Programs
Biology Department
Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway South
Memphis, TN 38104
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