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The day that Albert most feared may have already arrived…




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1.  Events coming up.  
2.  What?  You have a problem with drowsiness, and you have problems staying awake?  Here, ruminate on this bit of information, from R&D News:  Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria here to stay.  
3.  Inside OME:  AACOM News on Osteopathic Medical Education, March 2013, Vol. 7, No. 3.  
4.  Shelby Farms Park Conservancy announces Party for the Park, March 28, 2013. 
5.  Insider:  The Sierra Club’s Official Newsletter, March 19, 2013.   

6.  Marginalia:  The day that Albert Einstein most feared may have finally arrived…..   


1.  Events coming up.  

·         Saturday, March 23:  The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy is hosting the inaugural 4-mile Race for the Summitt on Saturday, March 23, to raise funds for the Pat Summitt Foundation.  For more information, please see Article #2;

·         Registration dates for Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 terms:

                   *Monday, April 1: Day Seniors and Juniors

                   *Wednesday, April 3: Day Sophomores

                   *Friday, April 5: Day Freshmen

·         Thursday, April 18:  Annual Dinstuhl’s Chocolate Tasting Session, Montesi Room, Buckman Hall, starting at 2 p.m. 


2.  What?  You have a problem with drowsiness, and you have problems staying awake?  Here, ruminate on this bit of information, from R&D News:  Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria here to stay.  

From:  http://www.rdmag.com/news/2013/03/drug-resistant-mrsa-bacteria-here-stay

Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria here to stay

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 9:07am

Cather­ine Zan­donella, Office of the Dean for Research

A col­orized scan­ning elec­tron micro­graph of a white blood cell eat­ing an antibi­otic resis­tant strain of Staphy­lo­coc­cus aureus bac­te­ria, com­monly known asMRSA. Source: National Insti­tute of Allergy and Infec­tious Dis­eases (NIAID)A col­orized scan­ning elec­tron micro­graph of a white blood cell eat­ing an antibi­otic resis­tant strain of Staphy­lo­coc­cus aureus bac­te­ria, com­monly known asMRSA. Source: National Insti­tute of Allergy and Infec­tious Dis­eases (NIAID)The drug-resistant bac­te­ria known as MRSA, once con­fined to hos­pi­tals but now wide­spread in com­mu­ni­ties, will likely con­tinue to exist in both set­tings as sep­a­rate strains, accord­ing to a new study.

The pre­dic­tion that both strains will coex­ist is reas­sur­ing because pre­vi­ous pro­jec­tions indi­cated that the more inva­sive and fast-growing com­mu­nity strains would over­take and elim­i­nate hos­pi­tal strains, pos­si­bly pos­ing a threat to pub­lic health.

Researchers at Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity used math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els to explore what will hap­pen to com­mu­nity and hos­pi­tal MRSA strains, which dif­fer genet­i­cally.  Orig­i­nally MRSA, which is short for methicillin-resistant Staphy­lo­coc­cus aureus, was con­fined to hos­pi­tals. How­ever, community-associated strains emerged in the past decade and can spread widely from per­son to per­son in schools, ath­letic facil­i­ties and homes.

Both com­mu­nity and hos­pi­tal strains cause dis­eases rang­ing from skin and soft-tissue infec­tions to pneu­mo­nia and sep­ticemia. Hos­pi­tal MRSA is resis­tant to numer­ous antibi­otics and is very dif­fi­cult to treat, while com­mu­nity MRSA is resis­tant to fewer antibiotics.

The new study found that these dif­fer­ences in antibi­otic resis­tance, com­bined with more aggres­sive antibi­otic usage pat­terns in hos­pi­tals ver­sus the com­mu­nity set­ting, over time will per­mit hos­pi­tal strains to sur­vive despite the com­pe­ti­tion from com­mu­nity strains. Hospital-based antibi­otic usage is likely to suc­cess­fully treat patients infected with com­mu­nity strains, pre­vent­ing the new­comer strains from spread­ing to new patients and gain­ing the foothold they need to out-compete the hos­pi­tal strains.

The researchers made their pre­dic­tions by using math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els of MRSA trans­mis­sion that take into account data on drug-usage, resis­tance pro­files, person-to-person con­tact, and patient age.

Pub­lished Feb­ru­ary 28 in the jour­nal 
PLOS Pathogens, the study was con­ducted by post­doc­toral researcher Roger Kouyos, now a scholar at the Uni­ver­sity of Zurich, and Eili Klein, a grad­u­ate stu­dent who is now an assis­tant pro­fes­sor in the Johns Hop­kins School of Med­i­cine. They con­ducted the work under the advise­ment of Bryan Gren­fell, Princeton’s Kathryn Briger and Sarah Fen­ton Pro­fes­sor of Ecol­ogy and Evo­lu­tion­ary Biol­ogy and Pub­lic Affairs at Princeton’s Woodrow Wil­son School of Inter­na­tional and Pub­lic Affairs.

Hospital-Community Interactions Foster Coexistence between Methicillin-Resistant Strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Source: Princeton University



3.  Inside OME:  AACOM News on Osteopathic Medical Education, March 2013, Vol. 7, No. 3.  

Please find the latest Inside OME e-newsletter on all things currently trending at the Osteopathic Medical Colleges and about Osteopathic Medical Profession! 

We hope to see many of you at our upcoming AACOM Annual Meeting April 24-27, 2013 at the Marriott Baltimore Waterfront in Maryland!  


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COMs Named to President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll 2013

ATSU-KCOM Observes Third Annual GHHS Solidarity Day for Compassionate Patient Care

New Lecture Series Starts Up at CCOM

LECOM Administrator Receives Award at Safe Communities Erie Annual Meeting

NSU-COM Opens Nation's First Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine

$1 Million Grant Helps Fund Expansion at PCOM

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4.  Shelby Farms Park Conservancy announces Party for the Park, March 28, 2013. 






Party for the Park







3.28 | Party for the Park


We're celebrating Park Members! Not a member? Not a problem - you can still party with us! 


Music provided by DJ Lady Problems.

Beer, wine + cocktails provided by Yorkshire Liquors.

Hors d'oeuvres provided by the Boys + Girls Club.


Did you know that it takes $7,123 each day to keep the Park + Greenline clean, green and safe? Membership fees support the Park + Greenline you love.


$15 door | Free for SFPC Members








http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs189/1102329648182/img/154.jpg3.23 | 10% Day at Cheffie's


Do you love Shelby Farms Greenline? Our friends at Cheffie's have generously agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds on Saturday, March 23 to Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. Just let them know that you're dining there because you love the Park + Greenline


Learn More...




http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs189/1102329648182/img/113.jpgMembership Challenge


$7,123. That's how much it it takes (per day) to keep the Park + Greenline clean, green and safe. 


How can you help? We're challenging our Park + Greenline fans to help us raise $7,123 by March 28, 2013 by becoming Park Members. Why should you become a member? Membership supports the Park + Greenline you love. Plus, we'll give you lots of great perks! 


After all, the Park belongs to you. Shouldn't you belong to the Park?


Become a Member Today!











5.  Insider:  The Sierra Club’s Official Newsletter, March 19, 2013.   

The Insider

March 19, 2013
º Landscaping You Can Eat
º Be a Kid (Again!)
º The Art of a Tree
º DIY Wind Chime
º Keep Keystone XL and Coal Out of the Budget

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Sierra Club OutingsBe a Kid (Again!)

Family trips offer everyone -- kids, parents, and grandparents, too -- a chance to embrace the simple pleasures of nature. Hike to scenic lookouts, swim and paddle lakes and rivers, or learn something new.

Raft, kayak, and swim along Oregon's remote and scenic Rogue River, trek the Grand Tetons in the company of friendly llamas, enjoy a multisport family sampler in Pennsylvania's Ohiopyle State Park, or hike and help with conservation projects in California's Marin County.

Looking for something else? Select from over 150 more adventures at Sierra Club Outings.


DIY Wind ChimeDIY Wind Chime

Learn how to turn old spoons into musical guppies. Follow our step-by-step instructions to create your own silverware fish chime. 

Photo: Lori Eanes


Keep Keystone XL and Coal Out of the Budget
Keep Keystone XL and Coal Out of the Budget

Big Oil and Big Coal's allies in Washington, D.C., are at it again, trying to attach several anti-environmental amendments to the Senate budget bill this week, including approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and Arctic drilling.

Votes could start as early as today, so it's critical that citizens and activists like you start flooding Senate inboxes right away. Send an email before the votes begin, and demand that Congress pass a clean budget.


Sierra Club Radio
Host Orli Cotel1.) Aja Volkman, lead singer from the band Nico Vega

2.) Jasmine Ruddy, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, on the student campaign to divest from coal

Listen | Subscribe

The Best Internship on Earth

best-internship-0319.jpgDo you have a passion for the environment? Love spending time outside? Enjoy telling your friends about your adventures? Do you want to have the Best Internship on Earth?

This summer, two young adults will travel around the country with the Sierra Club's activist and outings programs and video blog their experiences. They'll also receive $1,000 gift cards from primary sponsor The North Face.

Submit your video application by April 9, then share it with your friends and family. The top five videos with the most comments will receive a Sierra Club swag bag with a surprise from The North Face.

L.A. to Coal -- You're Outta Here!

la-0319.jpgSince Mayor Villaraigosa announced in 2009 his bold goal to get Los Angeles off coal, thousands of Angelenos -- regular people from all walks of life -- have joined the L.A. Beyond Coal campaign in calling for the city's transition from dirty coal to clean energy.

We are nearing the finish line and want you to have a front row seat to a major announcement about Los Angeles' transition away from coal. You don't even have to leave your office or living room to do so.

RSVP now for the livestream of this major announcement on Friday, March 22, at 10:00 AM, about the future of coal in Los Angeles. This will be big so you won't want to miss it!


Edible LandscapingLandscaping You Can Eat

Spring has almost sprung -- it's time to start planning and planting your garden. You'll find a wealth of information and inspiration in Sierra Club Books' Edible Landscaping, by gardening expert Rosalind Creasy.

Order your copy from the Sierra Club's online store in the next 48 hours and receive a handy canvas garden tote -- a $16.99 value
-- as our gift. 

Winds of Change in Maryland

maryland-0319.jpgAfter three years of pushing to harness Maryland's most abundant natural resource, yesterday the Sierra Club and its allies celebrated passage of the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013.

Its passage will help develop a 200-megawatt wind project off the coast of Ocean City, create more than 1,000 jobs, and spur wind projects in Maryland and throughout the region, creating a significant new sustainable industry for Maryland workers.

"Victories like this can only happen with a strong, dedicated team and awesome allies," says Club organizer Chris Hill.

The Art of a Tree

The Art of the TreeCould you think of 365 different ways to photograph a single tree? For an entire year, professional photographer Mark Hirsch has documented the life of an ancient bur oak, a solitary sentry surrounded by Wisconsin cornfields.

He came to appreciate the old tree's sweeping boughs, its sturdy leaves, and the tiny insects that clung to the rough bark. The photographs are beautiful, surprising, dramatic, and playful -- and they all were taken with an iPhone.

Check out our slideshow of Hirsch's photos and let us know in the comments which images you like best. We hope you'll be inspired to embark on your own photography project!

Photo: Mark Hirsch

A Clean-Air Champion at EPA

Gina McCarthyAs head of the EPA's clean air division, Gina McCarthy fought to get strong clean-air safeguards and historic vehicle standards across the finish line, and she was instrumental in placing emissions limits on new power plants and requiring better fuel efficiency for American-made vehicles.

By nominating McCarthy to be the next EPA administrator, the President Obama is demonstrating that he understands just how vital the job truly is, and that he's ready to make good on his promise to take bold action against climate disruption.

Please thank President Obama for nominating Gina McCarthy.

The HartfordThe Hartford

Looking for new ways to be green in 2013? Here's one that could also help you save money.  

Consider auto insurance from The Hartford, a company Newsweek ranked the "#1 Greenest Financial Services Company" for a second consecutive year in 2012.  With special rates for Sierra Club members and discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles, you could save hundreds on your auto insurance.

Learn more and request a free online auto quote, or call 888-584-5099 for a free quote.


Donate to the Sierra Club




6.  Marginalia:  The day that Albert Einstein most feared may have finally arrived…..   

The day that Albert Einstein most feared may have finally arrived…

A day at the beach.

Cheering on your team.

Having dinner out with your friends.

Out on an intimate date.

Having a conversation with your BFF

A visit to the museum

Enjoying the sights

It’s here.

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