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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is Friday, September 19!




We are the Buccaneers, you know.


For more information, please go to Article #4. 


Table of Contents:


1.   Events coming up. 
2.  MCAT2015:  A discussion about upcoming changes MCAT, Tuesday, September 9, starting at 7 p.m, in AH 122. 
3.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, August 25, 2014 issue. 
4.  Friday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  
5.  Wolf River Conservancy August 2014 E-newsletter.  

6.  Marginalia:  Yes, I know it’s a free country and you can do whatever you want, but still 


1.   Events coming up. 

·         Tuesday, September 9, starting at 7 p.m.:  MCAT2015:  A discussion about upcoming changes MCAT.  For more information, please see Article #2;

·         Tuesday, September 16, starting at 1 p.m. in the Montesi Room of Buckman Hall:  First impressions Series – Professional Image & Business Etiquette, sponsored by Career Services.  This is especially relevant to those of you who will be invited for interviews;

·         Wednesday, September 17, in Buckman 207, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.:  Mock Interview Day, sponsored by Career Services;

·         Thursday, September 18, 12 to 2 p.m., Buckman Hall 211 (Montesi Room):  STEM Showcase:
A Career & Internship Expo for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Majors
Thursday, September 18th - 12:00 to 2:00 pm, Buckman 211 (Montesi)
Join us for this opportunity to meet around a dozen employers who hire STEM major students and alumni into internships and full-time positions.  Dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes!

·         Thursday, September 18, in Montesi, 12 to 2 p.m.:  STEM Showcase:  Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Career Expo, sponsored by Career Services;

·         Friday, September 19:  It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  For more information, please see Article #4.    

·         Tuesday, September 23, 2:00 to 5 p.m., Practice Test Drive:  Practice tests for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, OAT, & PCAT Practice Tests.   This is an opportunity to take a retired version (in some cases, slightly abbreviated) of a retired test, minus the essay portions.  It's a great way to see your areas of strength, and areas of weakness, and where you need to study further.  RSVP thru CareerLinX by September 18th.

·         Thursday, September 25:   Graduate School Expo.  Please note that the annual Health Career Opportunities Fair, usually held in late October or early November, has been merged with this event.  Canale Arena, 12-2 p.m.


2.  MCAT2015:  A discussion about upcoming changes MCAT, Tuesday, September 9, starting at 7 p.m, in AH 122. 

After quite a few years of planning, the new MCAT will be launched in 2015.  It will be lengthened to an entire day of testing, and it will include questions that pertain to psychology and sociology, as well as the more traditional natural sciences.  Dr. Eisen will give a presentation on the new format, starting at 7 p.m.


As an incentive for pre-med students to attend this presentation, Mama Dee’s Italian Ices will be serving dessert, starting at 6:30 p.m., on the first floor of Assisi Hall.  


3.  ===AAMC STAT===, News from the Association of American Medical Colleges, August 25, 2014 issue. 

STAT Short, topical, and timely

News from the Association of American Medical Colleges

August 25, 2014


AAMC Annual Development Survey Highlights Fundraising Trends in Academic Medicine

Fundraising at the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals increased 16.2 percent in 2013, demonstrating an overall increase in fundraising at academic medical centers for the first time since 2008, according to an annual survey administered by the AAMC. The 2013 Annual Development Survey analyzed data from 137 institutions reporting development program activity for 2012–2013. The survey found that the majority of private gifts from individual donors, 85 percent, come from those “unaffiliated” with a medical school or teaching hospital—likely grateful patients or families of those affected directly by an institution. The remaining 15 percent of gifts from individual donors come from alumni or staff of an institution. An executive summary of the report highlights additional key findings, and an infographic illustrates trends based on this year’s data. For more information, visit

PCORI Offers $90 Million in Funding for Pragmatic Clinical Studies Initiative

PCORI recently issued the third funding announcement under its Pragmatic Clinical Studies initiative, which offers up to $90 million in support for studies that address practical comparative questions faced by patients, clinicians, and other health care decision makers. The awards support efforts to help patients make better-informed decisions about their health care. PCORI also will provide up to $10 million in direct costs for studies lasting up to five years through this funding opportunity. Letters of Intent will be competitive and are due Wed., Oct. 1 by 5:00 p.m. (ET).

Journal Authors Suggest Community College Students Could Help Diversify the Physician Workforce

Community college (CC) students could be one way to diversify the physician workforce, according to a new set of Academic Medicine articles currently available online ahead-of-print. Authors of one study found that nearly one-third of all medical school enrollees have attended a CC at some point during their educational careers, and there is a greater correlation between those who used a CC pathway and the intent to work with minority populations. The data also showed that Latinos made up the largest percentage of students who used a CC pathway compared with other racial-ethnic groups. In a corresponding commentary, the authors point out that medical schools accept CC students at much lower rates and potentially may be overlooking a significant source of diverse, high-achieving applicants as a result.

AAMC Holds Final Three-day Unconscious Bias Learning Lab

The AAMC will be offering its final three-day seminar on unconscious bias at The University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine on Oct. 7–9. The seminars are designed to help academic medicine faculty and administrators and other health care and biomedical research professionals understand how unconscious biases can compromise diversity and inclusion efforts in admissions, curriculum development, counseling, or faculty advising. In a small-group setting, participants learn how to identify and confront these biases. In 2015, the seminars will be available only in a one-day format. To learn more and/or register, please visit

On the Move

Lawrence Sanders Jr., M.D., was installed as the next president of the National Medical Association (NMA) during the NMA's Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly. Sanders is a practicing internist and teaches internal medicine, business principles, and patient safety/quality improvement to residents and medical students at Morehouse School of Medicine.


4.  Friday, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  

The story goes that two blokes, John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquetball, and started to insult each other as they imagined pirates would.  This eventually evolved into a small celebration among friends…until Dave Barry, syndicated columnist, wrote an article on this goofy observance.  Mr. Bauer and Mr. Summers became celebrities as media were contacting them for more details.


This “holiday” has morphed into a wonderful excuse to “unleash your Inner Buccaneer”, and the website for this mayhem is .


We are the Buccaneers, after all, so I believe that it is incumbent on all of us to find out niche in this wonderful world of piratitude.


If you have any ideas, please contact me (Seafarin’ Stan, AKA Cap’n Breadhook) at .



5.  Wolf River Conservancy August 2014 E-newsletter.  

Wolf River Conservacy



   In this month’s enews, we are providing the required Public Notice that the Wolf River Conservancy is seeking accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. In Sept.2012, the WRC Board of Directors approved a resolution to adopt the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) Land Trust Standards and Practices in order to become an accredited land trust. Accredited status conveys to landowners and WRC supporters the message: “Invest in us. We are a strong, effective organization you can trust to conserve your land forever.”
    LTA accreditation is a mark of distinction. Of approximately 1700 land trusts in United States, only 280 have achieved LTA accreditation. The public is increasingly demanding accountability from government and nonprofit organizations, including land trusts. Independent accreditation publicly recognizes a land trust’s ability to protect important natural places and working lands forever and provides the assurance of quality and permanence in land conservation which donors and the public seek. Preparing for accreditation through the application process also affords land trusts the opportunity to review and implement policies that help streamline their operations and lead to more effective land conservation.
   The first step in the process is adopting a land conservation strategy. Land trusts exist in our country to serve various missions; some protect grazing lands, others protect civil war battlefields from urban sprawl, others protect natural areas. The WRC land conservation strategy is driven by our commitment to protect the water, wildlife and woods in the Wolf River watershed. Currently, there are 57,000 acres protected in our watershed by the WRC and other agencies. Our work is just beginning! Only with your support can we continue to implement our mission.
   Please visit to join or renew your membership, check out upcoming activities, and buy your tickets to the Greenway Soiree on Sept. 20th!. Thank you.

Keith Cole
Executive Director

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August 28

Final Public Meeting for Wolf River Boat Launch Access Study

August 30

Introduction to Kayaking


September 4

Dr. Douglas Tallamy: "Bringing Nature Home"


September 6

First Saturday Paddle


September 6

Hike to Baker's Pond and Visit to Strawberry Plains Hummingbird Festival


September 20

Introduction to Kayaking


September 20

The Greenway Soiree

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6.  Marginalia:  Yes, I know it’s a free country and you can do whatever you want, but still…

Dr. Stan Eisen, Director
Preprofessional Health Programs
Biology Department
Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway South
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