Wave Machine

Reflection of Wave from a Boundary

Chose Continuous or Pulse(Crest) or Pulse(Trough) Wave.
Chose Free or Fixed End.
Push Start Button then wave is generated and travels down the string toward the right.

Initiating wave (Red Line)
Reflected wave (Green Line)
Resultant wave (Blue Dot)

Additional comments by J. Varriano:
You can see the formation of standing waves by sending a continuous wave to reflect off either a free or fixed end. I find that pausing the motion and going through each slide one by one via the Back and Forward buttons is very helpful in seeing how the incident and reflected wave add to give the standing wave pattern.

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Author:Sadahisa Kamikawa
Copyright(c) 1996 S.Kamikawa. All rights reserved.
(last update 1996.8.22)