Physics 496: The Physics of Music

Luke Wade
Dr. John Varriano
Christian Brothers University

Hello Waveform
Waveform for "hello".



Class NotesDesmos Plots
1. Intro to Sound and Acoustics
2. Simple Harmonic Oscillators
3. Taylor Series Review
4. Complex Numbers and Phasors
5. Linear Superposition and Beats / Speaker Demo
6. Damped Harmonic Oscillators
7. Forced Harmonic OscillatorsForced H.O.
8. Resonance
9. Equivalent Acoustical Circuits
10. Coupled Oscillators and Normal Modes
11. The Wave Equation and Vibrating Strings
12. Vibrating String Demo
13. BCs and Normal Modes of Vibrating StringStanding Waves
14. Guitar Demo
15. Initial Conditions of Vibrating String
16. Plucked String AnalysisPlucked String
17. Struck String AnalysisLight Hammer
Heavy Hammer
Dirac Delta Function
18. Energy of Vibrating String
19. Drums
20. Fourier Analysis
21. Ear Anatomy
22. Loudness
23. Pitch
24. Mathematical Music Theory

Web Resources
Wheel of Acoustics
Acoustic Animations (Dr. Dan Russell, Penn State University)
How a Speaker Works
Derivations of Speaker Response (Francis Deck)
Speaker Driver Analysis (Kyle Lahnakoski)
Piano Action

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