Optics Class

Physics 415: Optics

Dr. John Varriano
Christian Brothers University
2019 Optics Lab Class showing their Fabry-Perot interferometer fringes. View more lab photos.

Not teaching presently.

You can view/download the following course documents from SPRING 2019:
Lecture Syllabus
Problem Outline
Lab Syllabus
American Journal of Physics Paper

You can view the Java applets that we look at in class by simply choosing from the list below:

Transverse & Longitudinal Waves
Positive Lens: Ray Trace
Thick Lens Ray Trace - Spherical Aberration
Ripple Tank-Interference

Spectral response of a typical Si photodiode

Math Review (pdf)

Refractive Index Data

Beats and Group Velocity program [ DOS program (.exe)]

Fourier synthesis program [ DOS program (.exe)]

Polarization program [ DOS program (.exe)]

Fresnel Equations and Plots (pdf)

Laser Cavity Design: Circle Diagrams and Stability

Laser Cavity Design: Resonator Stability Diagram

Waveguides: Effective Index and Thickness Curves (Excel)

Waveguides: Mode Profiles (pdf)

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