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At CBU we have two degrees in the School of Sciences that are primarily applied in nature: the Computer Science degree and the Engineering Physics degree.

Computer Science

Computer Science is one of three computer-related majors at CBU. The other two are Computer Engineering (ECE) in the School of Engineering, and Information Technology Management (ITM) in the School of Business. The ITM degree is concerned with how business uses the computer. The ECE degree is concerned with the hardware of the computer. Our Computer Science degree is concerned about the software, algorithms and efficient methods of data storage and handling. There is a fair amount of interplay between the Computer Science and the ECE and ITM degrees at CBU. Our Computer Science degree is an applied degree with a required option in ECE, ITM, bioinformatics, or forensics.

science computer lab

Our Computer Science majors have a junior internship course where they help to develop software for local businesses. This is followed by a senior capstone course in which they do a project for industry in order to gain practical experience and use their skills and knowledge bases to solve a software problem.

CBU offers the opportunity to obtain dual degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, and dual degrees in computer science and math.

In addition to the major in Computer Science, we provide the opportunity to obtain a minor in Computer Science to supplement any of the other majors offered at CBU. The minor in Computer Science involves taking three lower level computer science courses, a discrete math course, and two of the upper level computer science courses.

Engineering Physics

The Engineering Physics degree combines an in-depth understanding of the basic physics together with a solid experience in the applications of engineering.

The picture above shows the computer classroom/lab in the Science building. This classroom, along with two others in the Science building, was selected for publication in the 1998 American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase. Congratulations to the architects: Askew, Nixon and Ferguson!

Since CBU has the School of Engineering, all our majors have a wide variety of engineering courses available to them. Both the Computer Science degree and the Engineering Physics degree take good advantage of this opportunity.

computer science lab

The image on the left shows the computer science lab that contains a dedicated Linux server with seven connected machines.

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