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Science majors have many career options open to them. For specifics, please follow the links to information from each of the departments, from the Pre-Health Advisor, from the multidisciplinary fields page, from teacher licensure, and from the CBU Career Center.

Computer Science

Health Careers
The Health Careers page has links to information about various Health Careers and also has further links to other web sites.

Multidisciplinary Fields
The Multidisciplinary Fields page has information about careers in Science that cross the traditional science fields. These careers include biochemistry, bioinformatics, environmental science, forensic science, nanotechnology, neuroscience, public health, and wildlife management/game warden.

Teacher Licensure
for teaching math and science in middle and high school.

CBU Career Center

There are good opportunities for our students to find part-time jobs in their areas of interest. This is particularly true in the areas of computer science and the health professions since CBU is in a big metropolitan area that includes a regional medical center and is a global distribution center. These part-time jobs can in some cases turn into internships and/or opportunities for senior research, and even full-time employment after graduation.

For more information, contact Dr. Johnny B. Holmes, Dean.  Send e-mail now to jholmes@cbu.edu

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