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2001 Cooper Award Winner

Pictured on the right are Dr. Cooper and Dr. Holmes with the 2001 Dr. Marguerite Cooper Distinguished Professor Award winner, Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald (Biology).

Click here for some pictures from our Biology Labs, , Chemistry Labs , and Physics activities.

Click here for some pictures from this year's (2007) graduation, and from last year's (2006) graduation, from the 2005 graduation, from the 2004 graduation , from the 2003 graduation , from the 2002 graduation, from the 2001 graduation and from graduation in 2000.

Pictures of the winners of the Dominic Dunn award and the Biology student award for the past few years.

We play an annual science students versus science faculty game for charity each year. See pictures from this spring's (2007) volleyball game, from last year's (2006) Volleyball game, from the 2005 Volleyball game, from the 2004 volleyball game, from the 2003 volleyball game, from the 2001 basketball game and from the first basketball game (2000).

Here are pictures from the 2006 Gulf Coast Research Lab trip. Due to Katrina, there was no Gulf Coast field trip for 2005-2006, but here are pictures from the Gulf Coast field trip for the fall 2004 , for fall 2002 , for spring 2002 , for spring 2001 , and for 2000.

Pictures from the Parasitology (BIOL 413) field trip to Shelby Farms.

Pictures from the March 2003 medical mission trip to Haiti

Pictures from this spring's (2007) Research Poster Session, and from spring 2006 , from spring 2005 , from spring 2004 , from spring 2003 , from spring 2002 and from spring 2001, especially near the bottom of the page.
2002 & 2003 Dominic Dunn Award Winners

Pictured on the left are the 2002 Dominic Dunn award winner, Analice Hosey (Chemistry) and the 2003 winner Sarah Stinnett (Biology).

Pictures from the spring 2006 Faculty/Staff Talent Show , and the 2005 Faculty/Staff Talent Show for charity on April Fool's Day, 2005.

Pictures from the President's Reception for Accepted Students, from the one in spring of 2006 , and in the spring of 2005 .

Pictures from the Welcome Students party last fall (2001).

Pictures from the Student Affiliates of the ACS pizza party.

We had a retirement party for Dr. Rubin and a celebration on the awarding of professor emeritus status on three recent retirees: Dr. Larry Gulde, Dr. Rel Morgan, and Dr. Lyle Wescott.

There are more photos on the Biology Fun Photos Page .

There are some physics related photos on the Physical Optics page.

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