E-Mailing Computer Homework Scores

The computer homework programs create a file (called stres.dat) that records your responses to the problems. You specify where the computer writes this file when you first start up the computer homework program. Make sure you know where this file is. (If you don't remember or forget, you can use the Windows Explorer program's Search tool to try to find it.) You can bring the file to me on a flash drive, or you can e-mail me the file. Below is one way you can e-mail me the file.

You can e-mail me your scores by attaching the stres.dat file to an e-mail sent to me at jholmes@cbu.edu . I will reply to your e-mail (at the same address as the one you used to send it unless you tell me in the e-mail to send it somewhere else) telling you that I have received it and what your scores are. If you don't receive a reply e-mail by the next class day, then I probably did not receive it and you should try to send it again.

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