5th Annual CBU
Student Research Poster Session 
Photo from CBU Poster Session 2001 Tuesday, 17 April 2001
11:00 am -2:00 pm
East Lounge, 2nd floor Thomas Center
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  • Research Posters on display: 11:00 am -2:00 pm, Tuesday, 17 April 2001
  • Students present at their posters according to the following schedule:
    • Even numbered boards: 12:30 – 1:00 pm
    • Odd numbered boards: 1:00 – 1:30 pm
  • Reception for faculty, students, and mentors: 12:30-2:00 pm
  • Announcement of Dominic Dunn Award Recipient by Dr. Johnny Holmes: 12:45 pm
  • Download a printable version of the Program listing of Poster Titles and Authors (MSWord).
Center: Dominic Dunn Award winner for 2001 Emma Buneci (Math faculty members Ms. Carter and Dr. Bedrossian)
    Student Research Posters ~ 2001 
   1. BIOL Morphological Investigation of Neurospheres.  Rachel Rome, Eric Laywell, Dennis Steindler and Malinda Fitzgerald.
   2. PSYC The perception of time passage as related to the need for cognition.  Kelley Barnett, Kristen O'Sullivan, Melissa Potosky, and Courtney Russel.
   3. BIOL Expression of Specific Cytokines in Response to Infection of Plasmodium berghei. David Arrington and H.C. van der Heyde.
   4. ME Fingerswitch Design for the HydraClear Endoscopic Cleansing System. Carrie D. Mills.
   5. PSYC The effects of English language proficiency and instrument formats on students' evaluation of teaching. Patrick Jackson.
   6. MATH On the coloring of unit distance graphs. Emma Buneci.
   7. BIOL Possible Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction in Post-abdominal Surgeries.    Annette M. Cox and H. Rashed.
   8. PSYC The fading of emotions based on negative and positive visual and auditory stimuli. Rebecca Davis, Bethany Ingram, Rebecca Mehelich, and Courtney Wood.
   9. BIOL The Role of GABA In Synaptogenesis Between Horizontal Cells And Photoreceptor Cells In The Mammalian Retina. Lewis Pearson, D.A. Johnson, and M.E.C. Fitzgerald.
  10. ME Temperature Monitoring System for an Electrically Heated Surgical Scalpel.  Brian Patrick O'Reilly.
  11. PSYC The effect of nude slide on induced tunnel memory.  Arwen Bos, Shallis Calhoun, Marcelle Cobb, Eve Hightower, and Angela Liles.
  12. BIOL Xenotransplantation of Porcine Islets into SCID Mice. Cina Ali and Ivan Gerling.
  13. MATH Optimal Resource Distribution in a Network.  Johan Reimann.
  14. PSYC Fear of flying and the availability heuristic.  Carrie Patterson, Michelle Johnson, and Kelley Bingham.
  15. ME Stainless Steel Blade to PolyCarbonate Hub Adhesion for the Turbo 7000 Essential Shaver System.  William Edward Hurt IV and Lawrence M. Martin.
  16. BIOL Premotor Anatomy of Orbicularis Oculi Motoneurons in Rats.  Melissa L. Greene and Mark S. LeDoux.
  17. PSYC The effect of mental illness on rating of veracity.  Susan Atkinson, Tammie Hall, Julie Koehler, Kate Paylor, and Wes Wheelock.
  18. BIOL A Comparison of Biological and Chronological Age in the Morbidly Obese: Obesity as an Accelerated State of Aging.  Laura Williamson and Cynthia Buffington.
  19. MATH The matrix of a structure. Chris Owen.
  20. PSYC Perceptions of criminal behavior as related to celebrity status of perpetrator. Shemon Reeves, Katie Lendermon, Jane Guidry, and Mark McKeever.
  21. ME Bearing/Shaft Disassembly Press for Water Pumps.  Donald E. Brown.
  22. BIOL Angiotensin II–Induced Transactivation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Hypertrophy is Mediated by Calcium/Calmodulin Kinase II in Rabbit Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.  Binh Nguyen, M. M. Muthalef, and K. U. Malik.
  23.  PSYC Perceptions of couples based on height.  Zach Payne and Patrick Ragghianti.
  24. BIOL Applying Medical Anthropology to Understand Perceived Efficiency of Medial Treatment in Different Cultures.  Christopher Laurent and Teri Mason.
  25. PSYC The effects of types of observation and type of exam on student testing behavior. Megan Cathey, Terry Eason, Sharnika Merricks, and Marlon Rucker.
  26. ME Energy Conservation Study for the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Gregory Aaron Doyle and Gregory Milton Weaver, Jr.
  27. PSYC Evaluation of competency levels based on an individual's sexual orientation. Megan Alcazar, Kelly Gronostaj, Theresia Perin, Ashley Smith, and Lanie Smith.
  28. BIOL N-Benzyladriamycin-14-valerate (AD198) Induces the Release of Mitochondrial Cytochrome C Despite the Expression of Bcl-2.  Jessie Morgan, Leonard Lothstein, and Tina Barrett.
  29. ME Rocket Engine Data Reduction Software.  Jack Andrew Griffith and Marvin Willard Webb II.
  30. MATH Restrictions on Venn Diagrams of n curves and n k-gons: Finding a Venn Diagram of Six Triangles. Lewis Pearson.
  31. BIOL Atypical Protein Kinase C Inhibition Is Required for Phospholipase D Activation in Rat-1 Fibroblasts Expressing a1A  Adrenergic Receptors.  Gautam K. Gandhi, Jean-Hugues Parmentier, and Kafait U. Malik.
  32. ME NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race: Alpha 2.  Steven R. Kolodziej, Oliver K. Lam William Siason Mason, and William David Wheat.
"Learning is intense when one is doing research. In the pursuit of primary data, one acquires skills that cannot be found in books, including time-management techniques and the ability to think quickly and solve difficult problems."
Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science.
The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.

CBU Research Poster Session 2000

Participating Courses and Professors  
Mentored Research in Biology
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald
Mathematics Senior Seminar
Dr. Pascal Bedrossian
Mechanical Engineering Research:
Dr. Bernard Beard
Research in Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Sandra D. Nicks and Dr. Beth Nelson
"Undergraduate students' enthusiasm and ingenious approaches to research problems can be very stimulating to the research program. Working with student and faculty collaborators on research problems of common interest is rewarding, intellectually satisfying, and best of all, fun."
Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science.
The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
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Thanks to all the Mentors

who directed the student research projects.
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"You learn to become a scientist by doing science, not by studying science in textbooks. Undergraduate research experiences lead to better prepared and motivated individuals (graduate student, professional school student, educator)."
Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science.
The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
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Funding for this event is provided by Dr. Mark Smith, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
The Annual Campus-Wide CBU Research Poster Session is hosted by the CBU Biology Department; the Session Program is arranged by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald.

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CBU Biology students presented their research papers at the TAS Collegiate Div. Western Regional meeting  held at the University of Memphis 24 March 2001.
CBU Student Award Winners with Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Bro. Edward Salgado (TAS 2001)
Above: Best Paper Awards TAS- 2001
TAS Meeting at Univ. of Memphis 2001
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