Charity Volleyball Game
13 April 2011
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  • Wednesday, 13 April 2011   CBU School of Sciences Charity Volleyball Game
      • 6:30 p.m. in CBU's Canale Arena.  The traditional rivalry continues!
Youth and Vitality?
Youth & Vitality
  • Youth and Vitality (Students) vs. Old Age & Deceit (Faculty, Alumni, & Staff)
  • Youth and Vitality:Tri-Beta, ACS, and other SOS students
  • Old Age & Deceit: SOS Faculty, alumni, and various "ringers"
    • Youth and Vitality: Student team A played student team B for the right to play the faculty team. 
    • Old Age & Deceit: The faculty won the hard fought third game with a spike at the net.
      • MVP:  Dr. James Moore (Biology)
    Old Age and Deceit?
    Old Age & Deceit
    • Coached by Dr. Mary Ogilvie (Biology), the Old Age & Deceit team included: Dr. Tracie Burke (Behavioral Science), Antony Eddy (Chem '09), Brother Francisco Martin (Lit/Languages), Dr. Gene McGinnis (Civil Engineering), Kristi Prevost (Biol '10), Dr. Gene McGinnis (Civ Engin), Dr. James Moore (Biology), Dr. Maureen O'Brien (Behavioral Science),  Dr. William Peer (Chemistry), Dr. John Smarrelli (President, CBU), Dr. John Young (Chemistry).
    • Special thanks to BBB Volleyball chair, Nick Watkins, our announcer for the night, Erik Scott and the referees, Alicia Stewart and Logan Westphal. 
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    Youth and Vitality vs. Old Age & DeceitHistory of the rivalry.
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    beta beta beta is a national biology honor society for undergraduates. 
    "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
    • The award winning CBU (Mu Tau) Chapter of beta beta beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.
    • Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
    • Description of Officers' Duties (MSWord)
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