Charity Volleyball Game
9 April 2008
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  • Wednesday, 9 April 2008   CBU School of Sciences Charity Volleyball Game
      • 6:00 p.m. in CBU's Canale Arena.  The traditional rivalry continues!
Youth and Vitality?
Young Whipper Snappers
  • Young Whipper Snappers (Students) vs. Old Geezers (Faculty, Alumni, & Staff)
  • Old Age and Deceit?
    Old Geezers
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    Above: Student volunteers sell raffle tickets and snacks

    Above right:  Dr. Johnny Holmes (School of Sciences Dean) and family

    Above left:  Amanda Fitzgerald (holding cane) competed in the Old Geezers costume contest.

    Above:  Young Whipper Sanppers warm up while the Old Geezers rest

    Above left:  Young Whipper Snappers Team 1.  Above far right:  Young Whipper Snappers Team 2.

    Above:  The Old Geezers Team

    Young Whipper Sanppers Team 1 take the court to face the Old Geezers for the Championship.

    Above: Dr. Varriano tips one over.

    Above:  Raffle prizes are distributed (Dr. Burk wins again!)

    Above:  Victoria Bujalski (Midfielder for the CBU Women’s Soccer Team) receives the MVP Award.
    • Wednesday, 9 April 2008    CBU School of Sciences Charity Volleyball Game 
      • Young Whipper Snappers (Students) vs. Old Geezers (Faculty & Staff):
    Youth and Vitality?
    Young Whipper Snappers

    2008 Team Rosters:

    Student Team 1:
    Antony Eddy (Chemistry)
    Chris Reid (Education)
    Kristi Prevost (Biology)
    Terry Netzel (Biology)
    Victoria Bujalski
    Maegan Lamica
    Matt Morgan
    Heather Perry

    Student Team 2:
    Michael Herr (Biology)
    Coy Lock (Biology)
    John Waldorf
    John York
    Meagan Lamica
    Leilana Fitzhugh
    SadeDora Goree
    Brian Kim (Biology '07)
    Andrew Haden

     Proceeds to be donated to the Church Health Center !
  • The two teams are:
    • 1) Young Whipper Snappers: Current members of CBU science-oriented student organizations, including Beta Beta Beta and American Chemical Society.
      2) Old Geezers: Members of the CBU School of Sciences faculty (with help from CBU Faculty and Staff from other Schools), SOS Alumni, ... and any other "ringers" we can recruit!.
  • First Match Young Whipper Snappers Team 1defeated Team 2
  • Championship Match: Young Whipper Snappers Team 1 defeated  Old Geezers

  • Volunteers:
    • BBB V'ball Chair and Planner:   Nicole Bates (Biology)
    • Announcer:  Jeremy Armstrong (Biology)
    • Prayer:  Bro. Edward Salgado (Chair, Biology)
    • Scorekeeper:  Michelle Paul (Biology)
    • Referees (from the CBU Women's Volleyball Team):

    • Hanna Orendorff (Biology)
    • Bake Sale and Raffle Ticket Sales: Tri-Beta and ACS members
    • Donated Raffle Prizes:
      • Memphis Pizza Cafe, $10 coupon
      • Zaxby's, $10 coupon
      • McAlister's, three $10 coupons
      • Blockbuster Video, five free rental coupons
      • Watercooler from Davis Kidd
      • "The Nights of the World" Picture book, Davis Kidd
      • "Take Off!" the Geography Game, Davis Kidd
      • "Road Trip" the flipbook, Davis Kidd
      • Sweatshirts and t-shirts, CBU bookstore
    • Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
  • Below:  The history of the rivalry.
  • 2007 Charity Volleyball Game
    Old Age and Deceit?
    Old Geezers
    (group photo)

    2008 Team Roster:

    Dr. Mary Ogilvie, Coach 
    Christina Brown 
    (Biology '06)
    Ms. Cathy Carter 
    Dr. Johnny Holmes
    Brian Kim
    (Biology '07), 
    Bro. Francisco Martin
    (Lit & Language)
    Mr. Ken Massa
    (Human Resources)
    Dr. Jeff Mille 
    (Religion and Philosophy)
    Ms. Lynda Miller
    David Tran
    (Chem '05)
    Dr. John Varriano

    2006 Charity Volleyball Game
    2005 Charity Volleyball Game
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    2000 Charity Basketball Game
    • Mu Tau Chapter Officers for 2007-08:

    • President: Michael Herr
      Vice President:  Jeremy Armstrong
      Treasurer: Daniel Darnell
      Secretary: John Legge
      Historian: Alicia Scarborough
    • Committee Chairs for 2007-08:

    • Social Chair: Erin Green
      Philanthropy: Antony Eddy
      Publicity: Kelly Towns
      Fundraising: Caitlin Clay
      Volleyball: Nicole Bates
      Bowl-a-thon Chair: John York

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