President's Reception for Accepted Students
Sunday, 2 April 2006
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CBU Faculty members welcome the guests.

Right:  Dr. Lynn Kugele, Dean of the  School of Business with a prospective student and family.

Far right: Bro. Jowl Baumeyer, Math Dept., greets a prospective student.

Far right:  Alumna Amanda Rhymer (her daughter will be entering CBU Fall '06) with Dr. Marius Carriere, History Dept.

Above:  Tracey Dysart, Dean of  Admissions, welcomes the guests.

Bro. Vincent Malham, Presdient of CBU welcomes the guests.

Bro. Rob Veselsky leads a prayer.

Dr. Tony Aretz, Academic V.P. welcomes the students and guests.

Dr. Evelyn McDonald, Vice President for Student Life

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. H. McCall Wilson (CBU class of '89), President & CEO, Bank of Fayette County

Far right: Dr. Tracie Burke, Behav. Sci. and Honors Prog.

Far left: Dr. Johnny Holmes, Dean, School of Sciences.  Far right: Cathy Carter, Math Dept.

Right: Bro. John Monzyk, Physics with Dr. Merat, Chem. Dept.

Far right:  Dr. Bill Busler, Chair, Chem. Dept.

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