12th Annual CBU
Student Research Poster Session 
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
11:00 am -2:00 pm

Sabbatini Lounge (East Lounge), 
2nd floor Thomas Center

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Sponsored by CBU's chapter of Alpha Chi, the national honor society.

  • Research Posters on display: 11:00 am – 1:45 pm, Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Above: Dr. Holmes presents the 2008 Dominic Dunn Award to Michael Herr (Biology) and Siamak Keyvani (CS-ECE)



Student Research Posters ~ 2008
1.  ME   Mechanatomic Knee Design.  Andrew Hayden, Mark Foster. Sponsor:  Smith & Nephew, Inc.

2.  BIOL    Adherence Rates in Adolescents Prescribed Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). Michael Herr, Gabrella Maron, Aditya Gaur, Wallly Bitar, and Pat Flynn, Department of Infectious Disease, SJCRH

3.  PSYC   Social conformity as it relates to sexual harassment. Chris Ragghianti, Chris Reid, Kristen Kirkland.

4.  PSYC  The effect of exposure to and engagement with sexual assault information.  Jessica Horvath, Erin Huff, Sarah Cagen, and Kristen Kirkland.

5.  CE   Design of Access Road for the High School and the Residential Subdivision - Olive Branch, Desoto County, Mississippi.  Randy Scott. Sponsor: Mr. John Heard, P.E., Neel-Schaffer Engineering.

6.  ECE  Traffic Light Control Using a PLC.  Kevin Wright and Brandon G. King.

7.  ME    Distribution Network Characterization. Alex Arthur. Sponsor:  Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

8.  BIOL  Perinatal Periods of Risk and Infant Mortality in Memphis, TN.  Sami Helou and Kathrin Brown,  Epidemiologist, Memphis and Shelby County Health Department.

9.  BIOL   Characterizing Effects of VHL Over-Expression in Transgenic Drosophila. Angela D. Metz, Lawrence T. Reiter and Tiffany N. Seagroves, Department of Pathology, UTCHS.

10.  MHIRT  NSCI  Control Testing on HSP-60 (Heat Shock Protein) and HSP-90 Levels in the Gills of the Oyster, Crassostrea gigas.  Maria Shiue.

11.  ECE   Current Detecting Switch.  Min Chen.

12.  PSYC   The Effects of Timing and Music on Cognitive Performance.  Patrick Childers and Natalie Jerden.

13.  ME   LEED Certification – AOC Headquarters. Casey Nabors. Sponsor: Allen & Hoshall.

14.  BIOL   Para-ts Mutant Flies Show Neuronal Damage After Ischemic Injury.  Rebecca Scott and Lawrence Reiter, Department of Neurology, UTCHS.

15.  ECE   Tester for ELI 20ST Inverter. Navin Prabhu.

16.  ME   Turbocharger Test Cycle Time Reduction. John McLaughlin. Sponsor:  Cummins Diesel Recon.

17.  BIOL   Congruency Between Rats and Mice: “ex vivo” Primary Cortical Neuronal Studies Evaluating Developmental Glutamate Receptor Subunit Expression Subsequent to Gestational B(a)P Exposure.  Ting Wong, Sheng Liu, and Darryl B. Hood. Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN

18.  CE  Design of a concrete/Masonry Building for the High School Olive Branch, Desoto County, Mississippi.Luke BaileySponsor: Dr. John Jernigan, P.E., SSR Ellers.

19.  PSYC    Social support and written emotional disclosure as coping mechanisms. J. Matthew Roberts, Brandon Faber, Candace Hadley, and Victor Velazquez.

20.  MATH   One-Dimentional Parabolic Freakout.  Ceylon Mooney.

21.  BIOL   The Importance of Parasympathetic Regulation of Choroidal Blood Flow for Cone Photoreceptor  Health  in Pigeons.   Casey C. Nazor, Anton J. Reiner, Malinda E. C. Fitzgerald, Dept  Anat Neurobiol., UTCHS.

22.  ECE   Autonomous Robotics.  Siamak Keyvani, Adam Rodriguez, and Teddy Salan.

23.  ME   Thermoforming Project.  Joseph AtemSponsor:  CBU Mechanical Engineering Department.

24.  PSYC  The Effects of Aggressive Driving Behaviors on Road Rage.  Glynda Holcomb and Lou Wright.

25.  BIOL   Role of NHERF-1 in OK Cells.  Indrani Biswas and Judith Cole, Dept of Biol., University of Memphis

26.  ECE   Accreditation Administration System.  Yuri de Souza.

27.  BIOL The expression of G-Protein Coupled Receptor-64 in Mice Dorsal Root Ganglia.  Phillip P. Nguyen, Mark Ledoux, Department of Neurology, UTCHS.

28.  ECE   Mobile Lab.Enoch Fleming

29.  ME   Fan Bar Hanger Redesign. Vincent CrowSponsor: Thomas & Betts.

30.  PSYC   The Effect of Study Situation on Memory. Jasmine Amaro and Chalet Robinson.

31.  ECE   Region 3 - Memphis Section S-PAC 2008.  Boris de Souza.

32.  MATH   Fourier Transforms in Optics. Matthew Nelson.

33.  BIOL   Morphological and Genetic Analysis of 118TNE Mutant Mice. Jason Porter, Jian Zuo, Jiangang Gao, and Tianhe Zhang, Department of Developmental Neurobiology, SJCRH.

34.  PSYC The effects of media and gender roles on body image in college males.  Chaveka Duckett and Linda Hampton.

35.  CE  Development of the High School Site Plan:  Wastewater Disposal & Storm Drainage Olive Branch, Desoto County, Mississippi. Carol Dodge. Sponsor:  Ms. Larkin Gieringer, P.E.,  Pickering  Inc.

36.  BIOL    Changes in Giant Panda Progesterone Levels and Their Correlation to Reproductive Maturity.  Nhu Truc Le, Rachel Hansen, Andy Kouba, Conservation Department, The Memphis Zoo

37.  ME   Paper Waste Abatement. Matthew Bauer. Sponsor:  Quebecor Corp.

38.  BIOL    Gut Motility and Gastrointestinal Mixing in the Giant Panda (Ailuropodamelanoleuca).Eric A. Davis and Rachel Hansen, Conservation Department, Memphis Zoo, Memphis, TN  38104.

39.  PSYC   How Do Gender Specific and Gender Non-specific Tattoos Influence Person Perception? Joe Blomé and Brian Lee.

40.  BIOL   Sucrose Induced Analgesia in the Brainstem of Neonatal Rat Pups.  Indre Augustinait, Matthew Ennis, and Yi-Hong Zhang, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology and Neuroscience Institute, UTCHS.

41.  PSYC    Effectiveness of visual learning versus practice learning in college students shooting free throws. Ryan Heine, Courtney Robertson, and Heidi Routch.

42.  NSCI  Behavioral Differences Due to Age among Pan paniscus (bonobos).  Lan Nguyen.

43.  PSYC    Model Size and Attractiveness: Self-evaluations and Social Comparison. LaTasha Bass and Julie Cochran.

44.  BIOL    Macular Pigment Optical Density’s Role in Macular Physiology and Disease. Jeremy T. Armstrong, Alessandro Iannaccone, Department of Ophthalmology, UTCHS.

45.  PSYC    The Effect of Stereotypic Thinking on Athlete’s Cognitive Performance.Nikki Dunn and Brittany Wimberly

46.  NSCI  The Effects on Oxygen Uptake in Crayfish Due to Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors. Tim Nguyen.

47.  CE  Subdivision Lot Development/Drainage and Sewer Design, Olive Branch, Desoto County, Mississippi.  Jason R. AllenSponsor:  Mr. Greg Russell, P.E., Russell & Company.

48.  PSYC   The effect of self-monitoring and the type of lie on responses from a cognitive interview.Chelsea Chandler and Jesse East.

49.  ECE   Design of a Fluid Storage Tank Monitoring System for Mobile Oil Solutions. Charles Mckee

50.  BIOL   Monocyte Response in Osteolysis and Possible Predisposition to the Disease.Brian Walter, Richard Smith, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, UTCHS.

51.  NSCI  Tanning ability increases with constitutive pigmentationChemetra Patrick.

52.  ME   Moon Buggy Project.  Samantha Maness, Ryan Peel, Lee CookSponsor:  CBU Mechanical Engineering

53.  BIOL Dube 3a expression in neurons increases synaptic bouton number through regulation of Pb1 and downstream Rac targets.   Kyle Summers, H. Tummala, P. Azad and L. T. Reiter Department of Neurology, UTCHS.

54.  CHEM   Green synthesis of ALK inhibitor.  Francisco Ramirez and David Dawson. 

55. BIOL   Maintenance of Beta Adrenergic Receptor Signaling in Human Microvascular Retinal Endothelial Cells.    Kimberly Williams, Jena J. Steinle, Department of Ophthalmology, UTCHS.

"Learning is intense when one is doing research. In the pursuit of primary data, one acquires skills that cannot be found in books, including time-management techniques and the ability to think quickly and solve difficult problems." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Participating Courses and Professors
Biology Mentored and Independent Research (Biol 462/465)
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald
Chemistry Research Seminar (Chem 431)
Dr. Mike Condren
Civil Engineering (CE 432)
Dr. K. Madhavan
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE 410)
Dr. John Ventura
Mathematics Senior Seminar (Math 482)
Dr. Arthur Yanushka
Mechanical Engineering (ME 408)
Dr. Ray Brown
Summer International Research
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Dr. Teri Mason
Research in Behavioral Sciences (Psyc 355)
Dr. Maureen O’Brien and Dr. Beth Nelson
Senior Thesis in Natural Science (NSCI 411)
Dr. Marguerite Cooper and Ms. Lynda Miller
Special Thanks to all the Mentors and Funding Agencies.
Thanks to Alpha Chi Honor Society for sponsorship.
"Undergraduate students' enthusiasm and ingenious approaches to research problems can be very stimulating to the research program.  Working with student and faculty collaborators on research problems of common interest is rewarding, intellectually satisfying, and best of all, fun."  Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.

Thanks to all the Mentors

who directed student research projects.
"You learn to become a scientist by doing science, not by studying science in textbooks. Undergraduate research experiences lead to better prepared and motivated individuals (graduate student, professional school student, educator)." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
The Research Poster Session is sponsored by CBU's chapter of Alpha Chi, the national honor society.
The Annual CBU Student Research Poster Session is hosted by the CBU Biology Department; 
the Session Program was arranged by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Mrs. Leah Allen. 
CBU Biology students presented their research papers at the
TAS Collegiate Div. Western Regional Meeting  held at the University of Memphis 5 April 2008.
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