10th Annual CBU
Student Research Poster Session 
CBU Poster Session 2006 Tuesday, 18 April 2006
11:00 am -1:45 pm

East Lounge, 2nd floor Thomas Center
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  • Research Posters on display: 11:00 am 1:45 pm, Tuesday, 18 April 2006
Dr. Holmes presents the 2006 Dominic Dunn Award to Jennifer HendrickDr. Holmes presents the 2006 Dominic Dunn Award to Jennifer HendrickDr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Holmes with the 2006 Dominic Dunn Award winner, Jennifer Hendrick



Student Research Posters ~ 2006
[W = poster mounted on the wall]

1. BIOL W  Conservation and Ecology of Jaguars in Private Ranches in the Pantanal.  Jennifer Bernard, Claudia Ferro, and Leandro Silveira

2.  BIOL W   Effects of Cadmium Exposure on the GST Activity and HSP-70 Levels in the Gills of the Mangrove Oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae. Jennifer M. Paxon, M.R.F. Marques, D.B.B. Trivella, and G.S. Toledo

3.  BIOL W  Mechanisms of Osteolysis. Andrew Michael, Luciana Pilatti Schwab, and Richard Smith

4.  BIOL W The Effect of Tai Chi on Medication Use and Musculoskeletal Diseases in Older Adults.
Steven L. Moore, Veronica F. Engle, and Lawrence Faulkner 

5.  BIOL W  Intraspecific Differences in the Expression of the AMPA-Type Glutamate Receptors in the Nucleus of Edinger-Westphal of Chick Embryos and Young Adult Chicks.  Reena S. Patel, Bob J. Dalsania, Raquel S. Pires, Claudio A.Toledo and Malinda E. C. Fitzgerald

6.  BIOL W  Cyclooxygenase Metabolites and Brain CO Production.  Emily DeFur, Michael McNeeley, Oksana Balabanova, and Charles Leffler

7.  BIOL W  Genotyping for TP53 R337H in Southern Brazil Where It is Responsible for Almost All Cases of Childhood Adrenocortica.  Christina L. Brown, Sohaila Boehm Ibrahim Arram, Gislaine Custódio C. Piovezan, Sérvio Túlio Stinghen, Ednéia P. Machado, Guilherme Augusto Parise and Bonald C. Figueiredo

8.  BIOL W   Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in a Newly Diagnosed Patient with Burkitt Lymphoma.  Jennifer M. Hendrick, SC Kaste, RF Tamburro, FA Hoffer, M Onciu, JT Sandlund, RC Ribeiro, JC Chandler, and SC Howard 

9.  BIOL W   Characterization of Genetic Alterations High Grade Pediatric Gliomas Using Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH).  Melissa Hines, Steven Allen, Erika Proko, Jim Dalton, and Christine Fuller

10.  BIOL W  Sensitization of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cells to Gleevec Through Reduced Expression of Bcr-Abl Kinase by Low-Dose AD 198 and AD 288. Jeremy T. Hunt, Luydmila A. Savranskaya, and Leonard Lothstein

11.  CE  W   Redesign of Phillips Street Bridge and Connecting Roads, Cumberland, KY Transportation Aspects.  Andrew Warren

12.  CHEM  W   Functional Role of PKC in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Priya Patel, Jean-Hugues Parmentier, and Kafait U. Malik.

13.  CHEM  W   Determination of Everolimus in Human Whole Blood by Liquid Chromatography Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectroscop.   Sarah Wright, Feng Bai, Patton Minkin, Clinton Stewart, and Charles Fraga

14.  CHEM  W   Examination of Spatial Changes in pH in a Dielectrophoretic Microdevice Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy.  Eleenaw Jefferson

15.  PSYC  W   Eyewitness Accuracy in Face Recognition. Charles Wiemar, Kimberly Neal, Lauren Nelson, and Nick Rodgers

16.  MHIRT  W   A Malaria Prevention Strategy in Uganda.  Crystal Ton and Beth DeBlanc 

17.  MHIRT W   Barriers to Self-Sustainability at an Alternative IDP Camp. Manny Patel

18.  BIOL   Methylation of Developmental Genes in Cell Lines of Different Subtypes of Human Rhabdomyosarcoma.  Ashley C. Miller, Rachel N. Stamp, Charlotte A. Peterson, David M. Parham,  Raushan T. Kurmasheva, Peter J. Houghton, and Craig A. Cooney

19.  ME   Elimination of PVC Based Medical Packaging Components Containing DEHP.  Matthew B. Paschall

20.  PSYC  Relationship Between Music and Aggressive Behavior. Jonathan Pritchett, Andrew Smith, and Ryan Clingan 

21.  CE   Redesign of Phillips Street Bridge and Connecting Roads, Cumberland, KY Geotechnical & Structural Aspects.  Justin Earnest

22.  PSYC   Codependency and Interpersonal Relationships.  Lyncie Crawford and Jessica Horvath

23.  BIOL   Genetic, Reproductive, and Behavioral Characteristics of Giant Pandas. Christie Spencer and Meghan Carr

24.  PSYC   Work Ethic and the Difference in Work Performance Due to Suggestion and Gender.Ashley Hum, Andrea Bordwell, Rebecca Rizer, and Rachel Wheeler

25.  BIOL The Synthesis of Potential Calpain Inhibitors.  Paula Cerrito, Shanta Ali, and Isaac O. Donkor

26.  PSYC  The Relationship Between Personality and People's Behaviors after a Natural Disaster.  Erica Sage, Mary Anne Wilhite, and Candace Phillips

27.  CE   Designing and Building a Concrete Canoe.  J.T. Malasri

28.  PSYC  The Effect of Mood and Instruction on Both Divergent and Convergent Thinking. Mary Anne Wilhite, Brittany Majkrzak, and Johnathan Underwood

29.  ME  Reducing Proximal Tibial Fractures Using a Targeting Device. Amanda L. Alsbrook

30.  PSYC  Correlation Between Development and Growth in Children who are Reared by Alcoholic Parents. Rebecca Riser and Andrew Smith

31.  MATH  CBU Baseball and the Markov Chain.  Shawn Morgan

32.  PSYC Suicide and Depression in Adolescents and the Effectiveness of Counseling as a Treatment. Rachel New and Lauren Nelson.

33.  PSYC  Celebrity Worship and Mental Well-Being.  Kimberly Neal and Theresa Hansbrough

34.  ME  Optimization of the Pass Groove Cooling System in a Rolling Mill.  Michael J. Pastorius

35.  PSYC  Stress of Alzheimer's Disease in Family Caregivers and the Use of Community Resources.Lauren Bobal and Beth Kimes

36.  PSYC  The Relationship Between Creativity and Bipolar Disorder on Recurrent Bad Dreams and Nightmares in College Students.  Rachel Wheeler and Ashley Hum

37.  ME  Human Interface for Health Assessment of the Space Shuttle Main Engine. Joshua K. Dove 

38.  PSYC   Relationship Between Eyewitness Accuracy and Confidence for Leading and On-Leading Questions. Nicolas Rodgers, and Charles Wiemar

39.  PSYC   Relationship Between Music and Aggressive Behavior.  Jonathan Pritchett and Shanta Wilson

40.  BIOL  The Effect of Interleukin-1 Knockout on the Thickness of Mouse Ocular Choroid and Sclera.   Katrina Thompson, Sharon Frase, and Malinda E.C. Fitzgerald

41.   PSYC  Relationship Between a Child's Age at the Time of Parents' Divorce and Academic Success. Andrea Bordwell and Candice Dixon

42.  CHEM   Ion exchange studies of Layered Perovskites with Iron (III) Chloride. Oscar Herrera, Elisha Josepha, Tapas K. Mandal, and John B. Wiley

43.  PSYC  The Effects of Lighting on Learning and Memory.  Debra Frey, Tabitha Elizabeth Hamilton, Jessica Horvath, Lauren Bobal, and Rachel New

44. PSYC  The Effects of Gestalt Therapy on College Students and Stress. Shanta Wilson, Tammy Ferguson, Erica Sage, and Lyncie Crawford

45.  ME  Test Program to Determine Valve Flow Coefficients.   Richard P. Biven

46.  PSYC   Effect of Smiles on Attraction.  Faisal Ansari, John P. Clawson, Candice Dixon, Teresa Hansbrough, and Elizabeth Kimes.

47.  ME  Mastoid Drill Irrigation Tip Redesign.   Casper B. Briggs

48.  PSYC The Relationship Between Self-esteem and Sexual Practices of the Youth Population. Faisal Ansari and Tammy Ferguson

49.  ME   Alpha 6.5: The Great Moonbuggy Race 2006.  Russell Alberts, Scott W. Coll, Haison L. Nguyen, and Jason D. Zaloudek

"Learning is intense when one is doing research. In the pursuit of primary data, one acquires skills that cannot be found in books, including time-management techniques and the ability to think quickly and solve difficult problems." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Participating Courses and Professors
Biology Mentored Research and MHIRT
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Ms. Teri Mason
Chemistry Research Seminar:
Dr. Michael Condren
Civil Engineering
Dr. K. Madhavan
Ms. Cathy Carter
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Michael Santi
Research in Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Beth Nelson and Dr. Rod Vogl

"Undergraduate students' enthusiasm and ingenious approaches to research problems can be very stimulating to the research program.  Working with student and faculty collaborators on research problems of common interest is rewarding, intellectually satisfying, and best of all, fun."  Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.

Thanks to all the Mentors

who directed student research projects.
"You learn to become a scientist by doing science, not by studying science in textbooks. Undergraduate research experiences lead to better prepared and motivated individuals (graduate student, professional school student, educator)." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Class of 2006 Biology Students at the Poster Session
Funding for this event is provided by Dr. Tony Aretz, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
The Annual CBU Student Research Poster Session is hosted by the CBU Biology Department; 
the Session Program was arranged by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Mrs. Leah Allen. 
CBU Biology students presented their research papers at the
TAS Collegiate Div. Western Regional Meeting  held at UT Memphis 18 March 2006.
CBU Biology Students at TAS 2006
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