9th Annual CBU
Student Research Poster Session 
CBU Poster Session 2005 Tuesday, 19 April 2005
11:00 am -1:45 pm

East Lounge, 2nd floor Thomas Center
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  • Research Posters on display: 11:00 am – 1:45 pm, Tuesday, 19 April 2005
Dr. Holmes presents the 2005 Dominic Dunn Award to Manny PatelDr. Holmes presents the 2005 Dominic Dunn Award to Manny Patel



Student Research Posters ~ 2005
1.  PSYC The Effects of Type of Voice on Perceptions of Fairness and Personality Influence on the Value of Voice.  Mary Ellen Clark

2.  ME   Cryogenic Propellant Tanks Used for In-Space Storage.  Justin Madewell and Hank Matthew Pitts

3.  BIOL Adrenergic Modulation of the Rats Avoidance Response in the Elevated Plus Maze.  Kelley Ward, C. Anzini and Antonio P. Carobrez.

4.  PSYC  Spatial Ability of Students Attending Christian Brothers University.  Rebecca Harrington

5.  ME   Development of Surgical Instrumentation for the Placement of Patella Prosthesis.Michael Morris and Rachael Wehnere

6.  PSYC  The Effects of the Presence of a Companion Animal on Anxiety.  Cathy Lantrip

7.  CHEM    Identification of Novel Antagonists for the PDZ Domain of Dishevelled.  Dave Grandy, Jie Zheng and Jufang Shan 

8.  BIOL   The Glutamic-384 and Glutamine-384 Variant of the Beta 1 Adrenergic Receptor Exhibit Constitutive Activity and Differentiate Coupling of G-protein.  Amar Bhula, Sulieman Bahouth, Noel Delos Santos, and Lidia Gardener. 

9.  MATH  Elliptical Geometry.Al Whittington

10.  PSYC   Music Effects on Aggression in College Aged Individuals.  Kastan Sims

11.  CHEM   Investigation of Possible Roles for Calcium-binding Proteins in the Maturation of Fruit of  Species Belonging to the Genus Ilex Michael Beebe and Dennis L. Merat

12.  PSYC  Domestic Violence and its Effects on Stress.   Nathan Clarke

13.  ME   Kenneth O. Cole Community Office Building, LEED Compliant HVAC Design. Chris Azar

14.  BIOL   Examination of the Role of Growth Factor Receptors and the Integrin  alpha5beta1 in CD9 Mediated Cell Motility.  Whitney M. Appling, Jayaprakash Kotha, and  Lisa K Jennings.

15.  PSYC   Study Skills and GPA.  Melissa Eilers

16.  CIV   Geotechnical Analysis of Canada Rd/I-40 Bridge.  Sam Vitale and Brad Loeffel

17.  PSYC  The Effect of Cognitive Activity and Gender on Memory Recall.  Nicole R. Hughes

18. CHEM   Can the Number of CA Repeats in the Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) be used to predict patient survival? Patton Minkin, and Clinton Stewart

19.  BIOL   Frequency of Reporting of Concomitant Substance Abuse in Patients Who Abuse Cocaine in Pregnancy.  Erica Hayes, Jay Bringman, Risa Ramsey, Robert Egerman, Lu Kao , and Lucinda Delmar

20.  CIV   Traffic and Transportation Team.  Ella Thorsteinsdottir, Frank Roberts, Jonnye McElyea, and Lee Schumann

21.  PSYC   The Influence of Aggressiveness of Music Videos on Participants’ Aggression Levels.Samantha Drake

22.  ME   Launch Vehicle Simulation/Analysis Tools.  George Brian DeJean, Jr. and Jeffrey Daniel King

23. CHEM   Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Iron Chloride Layered Perovskite.  David Tran, Doinita Neiner, Xiao Zhang, Chris McArdle, Elisha Josepha, and John B. Wiley

24.  PSYC   The Effects of Chewing Gum on Memory.  Stephanie Marie Richardson

25.  BIOL   AMPA-type Glutamate Receptors in the Oculomotor Nuclei of Rat and Pigeon Brain.Adriane D.Wilkinson, Cláudio A.B.Toledo, Raquel S. Pires, Malinda  E.C Fitzgerald, and Anton J. Reiner.

26.  CHEM   Isolation and Characterization of Possible Calcium-binding Proteins from the Fruit of Actinidia deliciosa.  Melanie Joyner and Dennis L. Merat

27.  CIV   Structural Design of Canada Road and I40.  Jeff Higgins, Nick Marasa, Chris Popwell, and Ben Knoernchild

28.  PSYC   Prior Knowledge and Attitude Alteration: Mental Retardation/Disability.  Maurita J. Lewis

29.  BIOL   Renal Disease Affecting Pregnancy Complicated by Lupus. Carrie McIvor, Robert Egerman, Risa Ramsey, Lu Kao, and Lucinda Delmar.

30.  PSYC   Effects of Music Listening on Depression.  Irfat Pathan

31.  ME   Development of Knee Force Analysis Instrumentation for the Standardization of Ligament Balancing in Total Knee Replacement Surgery.  John  Hanna Wall and Zachary Christopher Wilkinson

32.  PSYC   Effects of Level of Testing and Calculator Use.  Heather Shirley

33.  MATH   A Trapezoidal Method for a Volterra System of Integral Equations.  Micah Wheeler

34.  BIOL   Irinotecan Pharmacogenetic Studies in Pediatric Cancer Patients. Christen N. Gregory and Kristine R. Crews

35.  PSYC   The Effects of Exercise on Depression.  Crystal Todd

36.  CHEM   Protein Kinase C-alpha Isotype Suppression with AD-198 Drug Treatment in Human Erythroleukemia (K-562) Cell Proliferation and Differentiation.  Rachael Park and Leonard Lothstein

37.  PSYC   Anxiety as an Effect on Motivation in Learning Disabled Children Resulting in Differences of Achievement.  Ann Ramsey

38.  BIOL   A Study of the Pharmacokinetic Effects Of Cyclophosphamide On Medulloblastoma Patients. Andrew Kovacs and Burgess Freeman 

39.  PSYC    Comprehension for Different Reading Rates.  Carolyn Allmendinger

40.  BUS   Petroleum: For Whom Does the Black Gold Flow?  Matthew Buckman

41.  PSYC   Oral Testing Versus Written Testing.  Megan Sharp

42.  BIOL   Engineering a C-1 Mutation in the Prestin Gene of Outer Hair Cells.  Manish Patel, Jiangiang Gao, and Jian Zuo. 

43.  PSYC  The Effect of Imagery and Problem Decomposition on Both Divergent and Convergent Thinking.Cynthia Holmes

44.  BUS   Agriculture: The Heart of Globalization.  Jameelah Muhammad

45.  BIOL   The Effects of SXR RNA Expression in CD4+ Cells.  Cynthia Caceres, Lorraine Sutton, Michael L. Vetter, Maria Pia De Pasquale, and Richard T. D’Aquila. 

46.  ME   Quick-Connect Coupling Research.  John Garrett House

47. BUS   Globalizing the Beer Industry.  Bobby Daush

48.  PSYC   Development of Aggression from Adolescence to Early Adulthood.  Mechal Williams

49. BUS   Airlines: Connecting a Global World.  Tim Wardlow

50.  BIOL   Role of Membrane Synthesis in Macrophage Function.  Christopher Sage and Suzanne Jackowski. 

51.  ME   Monopole Co-Location Platform Modification and Improvement.  Joshua W. Lewis

52.  PSYC   Different Types of Involuntary Memories Triggered by Auditory and Visual Stimuli.Nicole Workman

53.  BUS   Health Care.Jason Cohen

54. CIV    Design of Wood Transport Crate for Diesel Engine.  Travis Huggins  and Juan Gutierrez

55.  BIOL   Mitochondrial generation of Oxygen Radicals by Peripherial Blood Mononuclear Cells (PMBCs) in a Model of ChronicHeart Failure. Vaishali Patel and Robert A. Ahokas

56.  CHEM    Characterization of Low Molecular Mass Calcium-Binding Proteins from Fruit of Actinidia deliciosa Yen Duong and Dennis L. Merat

57.  ME   Alpha 6: The Great Moonbuggy Race 2005.  Lee Reynolds Allen, Jeffrey Guy Bodeen, Ian Gilmore, and Nathan Webb

"Learning is intense when one is doing research. In the pursuit of primary data, one acquires skills that cannot be found in books, including time-management techniques and the ability to think quickly and solve difficult problems." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Micah Wheeler and Dr. Becker CBU Research Poster Session 2005Dr. Beard and students CBU Research Poster Session 2005Dr. Nelson and student Research Poster Session 2005
More photos are available in the 2005 Poster Session Photo Gallery
Participating Courses and Professors
Participating Courses and Professors
Biology Mentored Research and MIRT
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald
Senior Research & NonEuclidian Geometry
Dr. Leigh Becker and Bro Joel Baumeyer
Managerial Economics
Mrs. Pat Papachristou
Mechanical Engineering Research
Dr. Bernard Beard
Chemistry Research Seminar:
Dr. Michael Condren
Research in Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Beth Nelson
Civil Engineering
Mr. Gene McGinnis
"Undergraduate students' enthusiasm and ingenious approaches to research problems can be very stimulating to the research program.  Working with student and faculty collaborators on research problems of common interest is rewarding, intellectually satisfying, and best of all, fun."  Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Dr. Merat Posters 2005 Appreciation

Thanks to all the Mentors

who directed student research projects.
"You learn to become a scientist by doing science, not by studying science in textbooks. Undergraduate research experiences lead to better prepared and motivated individuals (graduate student, professional school student, educator)." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in Science. The Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
More photos are available in the 2005 Poster Session Photo Gallery

Biology Seniors with Dr. Fitzgerald at 2005 Posters
Biology Seniors at 2005 Posters (Photo by Dr. Fitzgerald)
Biology Seniors at 2005 Posters (Photo by Dr. Fitzgerald)
More photos are available in the 2005 Poster Session Photo Gallery
Funding for this event is provided by Dr. Tony Aretz, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
The Annual Campus-Wide CBU Student Research Poster Session is hosted by the 
CBU Biology Department; the Session Program was arranged by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald. 
CBU Biology students presented their research papers at the
TAS Collegiate Div. Western Regional Meeting  held at Christian Brothers University 19 March 2005.
CBU Students and Faculty at TAS 2005
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