6th Annual CBU
Student Research Poster Session 
Photo from CBU Poster Session 2002 Tuesday, 16 April 2002
11:00 am -2:00 pm
East Lounge, 2nd floor Thomas Center
 Poster Session Photo Gallery (2002)
  • Research Posters on display: 11:00 am 2:00 pm, Tuesday, 16 April 2002
  • Students present at their posters according to the following schedule:
    • Even numbered boards: 12:30 1:00 pm
    • Odd numbered boards: 1:00 1:30 pm
Dominic Dunn Award winner for 2002 Analice Hosey (with Dr. Holmes)Dr. Busler, Analice Hosey, and Dr. CondrenAnalice Hosey, Mrs. Hosey, and Dr. Holmes



Student Research Posters ~ 2002
 1. BIOL Gene identification in the lamination of the Hippocampus of mice.   Justin Deaton and Dr. Dan Goldowitz.
 2. PSYC The effect of movement on Mental Functioning.  Amanda Buss, Katie Collins, Tina Froberg, and Tracey Mulligan.
 3. BIOL Mapping the pcd (Purkinje Cell Degeneration) locus in mutant mice.  Jason Higdon and Dr. Jian Zuo.
 4. PSYC The effects of touching on tipping in a restaurant setting.  Wendy Brown, Angela Devould, Tracy Keel, and Sarah Moore.
 5. CHEM Identification and Isolation of Kiwi Fruit Proteins.Andrea Cortese and Dr. Dennis Merat.
 6. BIOL Heat Shock Protein 70 in Pregnancy and PreeclampsiaReem Awwad, Dr. Robert Ahokas, and Dr. Jeff Livingston.
 7. PSYC Effects of context on perception of body language. Kimberly Dockery, Sarah DuBose, and Laura Wilfong.
 8. BIOL The Role of PKC-d in Cellular Resistance to AD 445.  Shay Carter and Dr. Len Lothstein.
 9. PSYC Perceptions of attractiveness in the work place.  Keith DeSonier, Laura Dziuba, Fernando Hun, and Chanda Simkin.
10. BIOL The Role of Polyamines During Apoptosis in Human Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cell Lines.  Patrick D. Briese, Dr. Dianna Johnson, and  Dr. Rajesh Sharma.
11. PSYC Effect of scent on long term memory.  Shaina Itkin, Sophiah Hamidi, Natalie Weathers, and Allison Bobbit.
12. MATH Modelling the Growth Rate of E. Coli.  D.J. Simpson
13. PSYC The function of three-dimensional images. Daryll Anderson, Sharnika Merricks, and Tina Froberg.
14. PSYC Are men really slime? Julie Koehler, Tammie Hall, Staci Bennett, and Katie Lendermon.
15. ME Spondylolisthesis Instrumentation.  Alan Rezach.
16. BIOL Comparison of Camps Hayo-Went-Ha and Arbutus/ Hayo-Went-Ha Health Center Activity. Lawrence LeBlond and Dr. Elizabeth Tolley.
17. BIOL Social Behavior in an All-Male Gorilla Group at the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium.Shanna Wall, Chris Kuhar, Meghan Carr, and John Ouellette.
18. ME Springback Compensation for Sheet Metal Bending.  Chad Stevens.
19. CHEM 20 (S)-Camptothecin Resistance by MRP4 Transporter.  Adam Cartwright, Dr. John Schuetz, Dr. Clinton Stewart, and Brad Johnson.
20. BIOL The Relationship of Smoking History with Health Status of Black and White Nursing Home Residents. Jana Pierini, Dr. V. F. Engle, Dr. J. Graneyand, and Dr. M.E.C. Fitzgerald.
21. PSYC How mnemonics work.  Josh Leslie, Patrick Ragghianti, Brad Savage, and James Kelsoe.
22. PSYC Short-term memory: the case of Memento.  Fernando Hun, Ashley Hollis, Kristin Cozart, and Justin Pasqualine.
23.  ME Standard Outer Case Lid Latch Handle Redesign.  Bill Gibson.
24. BIOL Creating an Anatomical Model of LP Premotor Networks in the Rat Brain by Defining First, Second, and Higher-Order LP Afferents With Transneural Tracers. Janelle Meeks and Dr. Mark LeDoux.
25. BIOL Leukocyte Adhesion Molecules in Women with Preeclampsia.  Rebekah K. Meadows, Dr. Jeffrey Livingston, and Dr. Robert Ahokas.
26. CHEM Temperature and Time Dependence of the Hydrolysis Reaction of Campthotecin Analog Topotecan. Xuanquyen (Sue) Nguyen, Mark Leggas and Clinton Stewart.
27. PSYC Strengths and weaknesses of mnemonics.  Becky Davis, Erin Karcher, Aaron Germany, and April Deslattes.
28. ME NASA's Great Moon Buggy Race: Alpha 3.  Marco Capote, Garrett Martin, and Kristofer Westbrook.
29. BIOL Drosophila melanogaster as a model for fetal alcohol syndrome.  Dayan A. Perera and Dr. Stan Eisen.
30. MATH Reed-Solomon Codes for Compact Discs. Brian Volante.
31. CHEM Kinetic Modeling Analysis and Low Temperature Pyrolysis Matrix Set-Up for 2,4,6-trichlorophenol as a  Dioxin Precursor. Analice Hosey, Dr.Barry Dellinger, and Dr. Lavrent Khachatran. 
32. BIOL Affinity of High Mobility Group Protein 1 to Modified and Natural DNA. Tiffany Baldi, Dr. Natalia Krynetskaia, Dr. Eugene Krynetski, and  Dr. W.E. Evans.
33. BIOL Evaluation of Magnesium Sulfate Efficacy for the Prevention of Eclamptic Convulsions in Mild Preeclamptic Women. Elizabeth A. Lendermon and Dr. Jeffrey C. Livingston.
34. PSYC The study of social facilitation through the use of a non-human audience.  Rebecca Glatt, Ashley Hollis, Erin Karcher, and Angela Staples.
35. PSYC First impressions of professionalism and personality characteristics based on appearance of desk. April Himel, Niti Mehta, Kim Ray, and David Walters.
36. MATH Models of the Hyperbolic Plane.Michael Mascari.
37. ME Axial Saw Guide For Cats and Dogs.Matthew Roland Kerchoff.
38. BIOL Evaluation of Kordon Breathing Bags for the Transportation of Fish.  Jennifer Hoskinson and Dr. Bill Simco.
39. PSYC Use of computers in group decision making.  Keith DeSonier, Caroline Wood, Monica Brown, Lauren Cox, Kimberley Dockery, Sarah Dubose, Maureen Fitzgerald, Marlon Rucker, Chanda Simkin, Dr. Rod Vogl, and Dr. Sandra Nicks.
40. BIOL Effects of chytrid fungus on life history traits in larval Hyla versicolor.  Tenitia Hobson and Dr. Matthew Parris. 
41. ME Analytical and Physical Models of Powered Surgical Instrumentation. Katherine Logerot.
42. PSYC A Christian response to the terrorists.Alaina Russell.
43. MATH Data Encryption.  Christopher Meador.
44.  BIOL Rapid Decalcification of Vertebrae and Intervertebral Disks Providing Improved Morphology and Antigenicity. Jennifer Tzefakes and Sharon Frase.
45. PSYC Pattern Recognition.  Marlon Rucker, Chad Pyburn, and LaToya Armstead.
46.  ME Cardiopulminary Resuscitator Development and Design.  Michael Brunjes and Jason Diniz.
47.  PSYC The Relationship between Worldview and Consumer Behavior in the Wake of National Tragedy. Keith DeSonier and Fernando Hun
"Learning is intense when one is doing research. In the pursuit of primary data, one acquires skills that cannot be found in books, including time-management techniques and the ability to think quickly and solve difficult problems." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in ScienceThe Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
CBU Research Poster Session 2002CBU Research Poster Session 2002
Participating Courses and Professors  
Mentored Research in Biology:
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald
Chemistry Research Seminar:
Dr. Michael Condren
Math Seminar
Bro. Walter Schreiner
Mechanical Engineering Research:
Dr. Bernard Beard
Research in Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Sandra Nicks and Dr. Beth Nelson
"Undergraduate students' enthusiasm and ingenious approaches to research problems can be very stimulating to the research program. Working with student and faculty collaborators on research problems of common interest is rewarding, intellectually satisfying, and best of all, fun."  Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in ScienceThe Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
Jana Pierini and Dr. Veronica F. Engle (U.T.) Appreciation

Thanks to all the Mentors

who directed student research projects.
Dr. Fitzgerald (CBU) and Dr. Rajesh Sharma (U.T.)
"You learn to become a scientist by doing science, not by studying science in textbooks. Undergraduate research experiences lead to better prepared and motivated individuals (graduate student, professional school student, educator)." Halaby, Reginald.  2001.  Promoting Undergraduate Research in ScienceThe Scientist 15[8]:35, Apr. 16, 2001.
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Funding for this event is provided by Bro. Louis Althaus, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
The Annual Campus-Wide CBU Research Poster Session is hosted by the CBU Biology Department; the Session Program is arranged by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Ms. Amy Martin.

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