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Biology Majors and Health Careers Meeting
22 August 2002
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New and continuing students gather for the meeting. 

Bro. Edward Salgado, Head of the Biology Dept., welcomes the group and introduces the Biology Faculty members.

Bro. Edward Salgado, Head of the Biology Dept., welcomes the group and introduces the Biology Faculty members.
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Sarah Stinnett, Senior Biology major and President of the Mu Tau chapter of the national honor society Beta Beta Beta, invites Biology students to participate in the activities planned for this academic year.

Dr. Busler, Head of the Chemistry Dept., invites pre-med (and pre-pharmacy, etc.) students to investigate the Chemistry major as a path to their career goals. 

100% of the CBU Chem majors who applied to graduate programs received at least one acceptance!

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald describes the opportunities for paid student research in Brazil and Uganda that the CBU Biology MIRT-NIH grant provides.

Dr. Eisen discusses Health Careers and invites students to sign up to receive the CBU Caduceus e-newsletter.

Dr. Eisen describes the 3 Door Prizes which include assorted goodies he gathered at the health careers advising conference in Las Vegas.

Russell Caldwell, winner of the first Door Prize!

Sara Lynch, winner of the second Door Prize!

Christina Brown, winner of the third Door Prize!
  • Thursday, 22 August 2002    Biology Majors and Health Careers Meeting  12:30 p.m  Room S153

  • All new Biology Majors and students interested in Health Care Careers should attend!
  • Find out about:
  • Agenda:  1) Introduction of Biology Dept. faculty (Brother Edward); 2) Invitation to join Beta Beta Beta (Sarah Stinnett, President of Beta Beta Beta); 3) Chemistry as a Major for pre-health students (Dr. Busler); 4) MIRT research opportunities  (Dr. Fitzgerald) 5) Use of computers and VALSHARE (Dr. Ross); 6) Prehealth Programs & distribution of Health Careers booklets (Dr. Eisen); 7) Distribution of door prizes (Dr. Eisen)
  • Photos from last year's Biology Majors' Meeting.
    • Bio Majors and Preprofessional Students: 

    • Take a look at the current edition of Health Careers prepared by Dr. Eisen.  Contact Dr. Eisen ( to put your name on the Caduceus Newsletter email list to receive weekly news about career preparation (pre-Medical, pre-Dentistry, Pre-Physical Therapy, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Nursing, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, etc.).
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