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Medical Mission to Haiti
October 2002
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CBU senior Biology majors participated in a volunteer Medical Mission to Haiti.
  • Four CBU Biology students worked at a medical clinic in Haiti during CBU's Oct. 2002 Fall Break (Nina Addison, Scott Adelman, Andy Asbury, and Edin Basic).  Three CBU Biology students and Bro. Edward Salgado travelled to Haiti during Spring Break 2003 (Robert Appling, Stacey Bourg, & Sarah Stinnett). Photos from the March 2003 trip to Haiti.
  • Travel and housing expenses for student participants are funded by a generous donation from the CBU and CBHS Brothers' Community.  Dr. Gordon Kraus, St. Francis Hospital, was the leader of the group.
  • Another group of students will have a similar opportunity during the 2003-2004 academic year.  For more information, contact:  Bro. Edward Salgado, Chair, CBU Biology Dept.   [Press release]
  • Fall 2002 CBU BellTower Features CBU Biology "No Week at the Beach" CBU senior Biology Majors' Medical Mission to Haiti, Fall 2002,  by John Kerr.
  • Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis website (hosted by the CBU Biology Dept.)
Photos below were provided by Andy Asbury.  Click to see a larger image.

Patients arrive at the clinic. (Apparently, the patients start arriving at the compound at ~4:30  a.m., and start knocking on the doors. The clinic inside the compound does not open until ~7:30 a.m.)  [Caption by Dr. Esien]

Haiti is among the poorest countries in the world. These are typical living quarters for   families. [Caption by Dr. Eisen]

The clinic is equipped to allow in-patient surgery under local anesthetic. Here, an orange-sized lipoma (benign fatty tumor) is being removed.  [Caption by Dr. Eisen]
Click to see a larger image

The clinic, seminary and dormitory are sequestered in a walled compound.

A Sunday trip to a nearby beach resort area.

The clinic compound includes a seminary and dorm facilities.
Dr. Eisen has also posted a few of these photos (from Dino and Andy) in the Caduceus Newsletter.

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