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Students in CBU's Vertebrate Physiology and Parasitology classes participated in Gulf Coast field trip 2000 to the Univ. of Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Lab
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald and Dr. Trey Brown were the faculty leaders this year. 
(Most of these photos were taken by Dr. Fitzgerald.)

Left to Right:  GCRL Grad student, Dir. of Hatchery project, Dr. Trey Brown, Cina Ali, Binh Nguyen, 
Gautam Gandhi, and Amanda Frasier.

GCRL grad student shows the CBU group a deep sea crab specimen. 
Sean Hunt, Katie Brown, Amanda Frasier, Amy Fallon,  and Gautam Gandhi.

Charlotte Hilliard and GCRL Grad student 
working on a blue crab.

In the fish hatchery under "red light" conditions.

Above right: Charlotte Hilliard, and her cousin.

Katie Brown, Amanda Frasier, and Amy Fallon.

Left: Dredge crew.  Right: Binh Nguyen and Dr. Trey Brown 

Charlotte Hilliard, Amanda Frasier, and Amy Fallon.

Sean Hunt, Cina Ali, Gautam Gandhi, and GCRL grad student.

Collecting in the bay.

Identifying the haul from the dredge.

Left: Binh Nguyen.  Right:  Dr. Fitzgerald.

Captain and crew of the vessel Hermes.

Gautam Gandhi and Katie Brown ID some specimens.

In the lab.

Amanda Frasier, Chalotte Hilliard and her cousin, Cina Ali, Binh Nguyen.

Left: Dir. of Educational Programs at GCRL.

Dr. Trey Brown and students going to the salt marsh.

Shrimp trawlers.

Gulls after the catch.  Right:  Laughing Gull.

Sunrise photo by Dr. Fitzgerald.

Left to right:  Gautam Gandhi, Binh Nguyen, Dr. Trey Brown, Amy Fallon, Robbie Frasier
Amanda  and Rain Frasier, Katie Brown, Sean Hunt, and Cina Ali. 
[Photos by Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald]

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