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Halloween Costumes 2000
Photos by Dr. Stan Eisen.
Above:  Angela, “Wyatt Earp,” “Elvira,” and “Casey Jones.”  (Portrayals by Drs. Wescott, Fitzgerald, and Condren.)

“Dr. Fitzgerald.”  (Portrayed by Holly Judd)

“Drs. Fitzgerald and Brown” as portrayed by their students.
Above Right:  “Dr. Brown” and Dr. Trey Brown.

The ersatz “Drs. Brown and Fitzgerald” are collecting data in Neurobiology lab.

Above Left: Sue Nguyen and “Dr. Brown.”   Above Right: Dr. Trey Brown and “Dr. Brown”
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Fall 2000 Visit to the Regional Forensics Center
27 October 2000.  Photos by Dr. Stan Eisen.

The group posing at the entrance.  BBB & Biol 111 Visit the Regional Forensic Center 26 Oct. 2000.

Justin Jones, Kristin Baker, and the “tour guide,” Gena Horton (CBU class of 1999).

The BBB & Biol 111 group begins the behind the scenes tour of the Regional Forensics Center.

Gena Horton (CBU class of 1999) leading the tour.

Gena Horton showing the group the autopsy suite. 

Gena Horton showing plastic mount of cirrhotic liver to Jarad Drewry, Mary Carole Taylor, and Tenitia Hobson.

Gena Horton showing plastic mount of cirrhotic liver. 

Gena Horton explaining some of the forensic procedures.

Gena Horton and students: Mary Carole Taylor, Tenitia Hobson, Kristin Baker, and Blair McKinney are in the foreground.
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  • Visit to Regional Forensics Center

  • Friday, 27 October 2000 2:00 to 4 p.m.
    (Beta Beta Beta and Prin. of Biology students)
    The Regional Forensics Center is located at 1060 Madison Avenue. 
    The group left campus at 2 p.m. The tour began at 2:30 p.m., and was finished by 4:00 p.m. (Drive north on East Parkway, turn left onto Madison.  Follow Madison ~ 3 miles across I-240. The Regional Forensics Center will be on your right. If you see the Life Blood Administrative Offices, you've driven too far.) 
    If you are interested in joining a future visit to the Forensics Center, please contact Dr. Eisen (phone 321-3447). To subscribe to CBU Caduceus, contact Dr. Eisen.

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