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Summer 2003, Spring 2003, and Fall 2002 (events listed in reverse chronological order)
2003 MIRT students pose as they ready for their trip to Brazil
MIRT students now working in Brazil
  • Articles about CBU Biology in Memphis Business Journal
  • "CBU students study benefits of health insurance abroad" by Scott Shepard Memphis Business Journal  7 July 2003.  "20 Memphis college students are in Brazil and Uganda this summer, studying prenatal care in poor women in Sao Paulo and the benefits of health insurance in Africa."  MIRT: Minority International Research Training
  • "CBU researcher seeking answers to why aging causes blindness" by Scott Shepard Memphis Business Journal  7 July 2003.  "Malinda Fitzgerald is a biologist who may be on the verge of answering an aggravating question in ophthalmology: What causes macular degeneration?"
  • Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis has a new website hosted by the CBU Biology Department .
  • MIRT: Research Training Opportunity

  • The Minority International Research Training grant to CBU supports undergraduate biology students who are selected to join summer research projects in Brazil and Uganda.  The application deadline is 15 Jan.
    • Sunday, 27 July 2003   Practice MCAT To participate, contact Dr. Eisen (901) 321-3447  FAX: (901) 321-4433  E-mail:
  • 11 July 2003 Registration Deadline for 16 August 2003 MCAT
  • Late registration until 25 July 2003
  • MCAT Registration:.  The ONLY way you can register for the MCAT now is via the web, at   [Dr. Eisen, Feb. 2003]
  • Summer Courses at Gulf Coast Research Lab
  • Bro. Edward Salgado has applications and summer program for courses to be taught at the GCRL this summer.  This information is also available at the GCRL web site.  The course listing includes links to course descriptions including specifics about the pre-requisites (for example 8 or more college cr. hrs. of biology). 
  • There is short "May Mester" (3 course offerings) and two standard summer terms with 5 and 7 course offerings respectively.  You can take only one course per term.  These are all courses related to marine biology.  You can see the "Summer Field Program" list of courses, a course calendar, and information about fees and housing at the GCRL web site.
  • With Bro. Edward's permission, GCRL courses can be used toward your CBU degree!  That is, any of these GCRL courses can be used as a CBU Biology elective.  (See the end of the biology course description in the CBU catalog.)
    • Planning to Apply to Health-related Professional School?   

    • AMCAS Applications need to be submitted in June (applying for Fall enrollment in the next calendar year)
    Dr. Eisen, Director, Pre-professional Health Programs, CBU, will guide you through the application process.  This service is available to CBU students and alumni who are applying to health-related professional schools.  If you are planning to apply to a health-related professional program, you need to let Dr. Eisen know.  Students should request letters of reference before the end of Spring semester of the junior year.  Contact Dr. Eisen:  (901) 321-3447  FAX: (901) 321-4433  E-mail:
    • Sleep helps learning!  "...a growing body of research suggests that sleep aids learning."  Another reason that cramming can produce panic rather that excellent exam performance.
  • Photos from CBU Baccalaureate and Graduation May 2003
  • Photos from the Beta Beta Beta  Dog WashSaturday, 3 May 2003   10:00a.m--2:00p.m. CBU Central parking lot
  • CBU's chapter of Beta Beta Beta (the Biology honor society) held a fundraising Dog Wash!  It was on Saturday, May 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the CBU Central parking lot.  Lots of customers stopped by to meet everyone's canine pets (and a goat!).
  • Organized by Michelle Driscoll, BBB Chapter President 2003-04 and Dr. Mary Ogilvie, BBB Advisor.
  • Photos from the Oct. 2003 BBB Dog Wash.
  • Outside of a dog, a book is probably man's best friend; inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
    ~ Groucho Marx
    • Beta Beta Beta  Annual Induction of New & Promoted Members Wednesday, 9 April 2003  6:30 pm East Lounge, Thomas Center  [Photos now available]
      • "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a [national honor] society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
      • This year's inductees include: 
        • New BBB Associate Members:   Janet Atkins,  Ashley Grant,  Cristina Martinez, Ashley Miller, Alicia Phelps,   Christie Spencer,  and Lauren Tucker.
        • New or Promoted BBB Full Members:  Whitney Appling, Heather Dirks, Manish Patel 
      • Musical Entertainment was provided by Drs. Eisen and Ogilvie.
      • If you are interested in joining, here are the membership requirements.
      • Photos from the 2002 BBB Induction
    • Beta Beta Beta  Meeting  Thursday, 10 April 2003  12:30 pm in room S214 

    • [Photos now available]
      • This was the final meeting for the semester.  Pizza and snacks were served.
      • Students presented Dr. Eisen with cards and a cake to thank him for his years as faculty advisor to BBB. 
      • Chapter Officers for the 2003-04 academic year:  President: Michelle Driscoll, Vice President: Manny Patel, Historian: Heather Dirks, Secretary/treasurer: Janet Eichholz.  Dr. Ogilvie will be the new advisor for BBB. 
    • TAS Meeting. Union University, Jackson TN Saturday, 5 April 2003
      • Photos from the 2003 TAS Meeting 
      • Twenty CBU Biology Seniors presented their research at the annual Tennessee Academy of Sciences,  Collegiate Division, Western Regional Meeting hosted by Union University, Jackson, TN.
      • The two Best Paper Awards were presented to Scott Adelman, CBU and Alison Groeger, Rhodes.
    • Saturday, 12 April 2003   MIRT Bioethics Workshop.  9:30am-3:00pm Kenrick Room 107
      • Bioethics Workshop for students and faculty traveling to international sites.  The workshop will be directed by Dr. Terry Ackerman, Director of Human Values & Ethics, U.T., Memphis.  This workshop is required by NIH as a part of the MIRT program. 
      • Donuts and coffee will be served as well as lunch on campus.   Dr. Teri Mason

      • will be the CBU co-ordinator. 
      • All interested CBU Biology Students and prospective MIRT participants are encouraged to attend.
    • CBU Senior Biology Majors Participate in a Volunteer Medical Mission to Haiti.
    Photos from the March 2003 trip to Haiti (photos by Robert Appling and Stacey Bourg).
    Bro. Edward Salgado, Chair, CBU Biology Dept., and three CBU Biology students, Robert Appling, Stacey Bourg, & Sarah Stinnett, visited Haiti during Spring Break 2003 (8-15 March) to do volunteer work in a medical clinic.    Press release.
    • MIRT Student Research Poster on Display
      • At the meeting of the Association for Biomedical Minority Undergraduate Student Research last week, two students from the CBU's MIRT 2002 presented their summer research (conducted in Brazil) in a poster: Presence of Calbindin Positive Neurons in the region of the Superior Salvitory Nucleus in Rodents.  Authors:   Monique Wiggins (LeMoyne Owen College, Biology), Lachre Brown (CBU, Biology), Malinda Fitzgerald (CBU, Biology),Claudio A. B. Toledo (City University of Sao Paulo, Neuroscience), and Anton Reiner (UT, Memphis Anatomy and Neurobiology).
      • The poster is displayed in the Science Building hallway between S212 and S213.
    This is the T-Shirt design for the 2002 cohort of MIRT students and mentors. 8 and 9 March 2003   MIRT Team Building Workshop
    Youth and Vitality?
    Youth & Vitality
    Beta Beta Beta
    American Chemical Society
    Society of Physics Students, & Mathematical Association of America
  • Youth & Vitality (Students) vs. Old Age & Deceit (Faculty & Staff): 
  • Old Age and Deceit?
    Old Age & Deceit
    CBU School of Sciences faculty & Staff
    "Only work half a day," was how Kemmons Wilson began his answer when he was asked what was the secret of his success.  "It doesn't matter which half you work - the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours."  Kemmons Wilson passed away Wed., 12 Feb. 2003.  He will be missed by all, including Dr. Cooper (Susan Wilson is Marguerite Cooper's daughter).  The Thurs. 13 Feb. issue of The Commericial Appeal has several articles about Kemmons Wilson. 
  • 1 February 2003 Summer Research Opportunities: St Jude's Pediatric Oncology Education Program  (Application deadline 1 Feb.)  More summer programs information is available in the 20 Jan. issue of Caduceus
  • Fall 2002 CBU BellTower Features CBU Biology [Adobe Acrobat file]
  • "No Week at the Beach" CBU senior Biology Majors' Medical Mission to Haiti, Fall 2002,  by John Kerr
  • "Research Site-Seeing" CBU's MIRT project supports student research in Brazil and Uganda, by Lisa Bell
  • "Volunteering for Peace" CBU Biology Professor, Dr. Stan Eisen visited Israel and packed medical supply kits as part of his two weeks of  work with the Volunteers for Israel Program during the summer of 2002
    • Thurs., 21 Nov. 2002  Biology Research Seminar and MIRT Program Information 

    • 12:30 p.m.  CBU Science Building room  S153
    This is the T-Shirt design for the 2002 cohort of MIRT students and mentors.

    Dr. Marques' Seminar Slides

  • Dr. Maria Risoleta Marques will be in Memphis from Florianopolis Brazil on November 21.  Dr. Marques will give a seminar on her research in aquatic environmental science.  One of her research interests is the expression of heat shock proteins in bivalves as an environmental pollution indicator.  Dr. Marques is one of the MIRT faculty mentors. 
  • All interested CBU Biology Students and prospective MIRT participants are encouraged to attend.
  • Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald will discuss research opportunities available through the MIRT program.
  • 15 January 2003 is the deadline for submitting your application to participate in MIRT for the summer of 2003.  There at least 15 positions to fill this year.  Students selected to participate will receive funding for their travel and living expenses.  The summer 2003 paid research opportunity is open to juniors and above.
    • Thursday, 31 Oct. 2002  2nd Annual Halloween Lunchtime Concert 
      • "Death Warmed Over," lived up to their motto:  "We can butcher ANY song!"  Members of the group included:  Dr. Beth Nelson (Behavioral Science), Garrett Smithson ('05), Jonathan Miller ('05), and Dr. Stan Eisen (Biology).  This wa a charity fundraiser.  Donations were accepted to benefit LeBonheur Children's Medical Center.
    CBU senior Biology majors participated in a volunteer Medical Mission to Haiti.
    • Four CBU Biology students worked at a medical clinic in Haiti during CBU's Oct. 2002 Fall Break (Nina Addison, Scott Adelman, Andy Asbury, and Edin Basic).  Three students will travel to Haiti during Spring Break 2003 (Robert Appling, Stacey Bourg, & Sarah Stinnett). 
    • Photos from the October trip to Haiti
    • More photos (from Dino and Andy) in the Caduceus Newsletter.
    • Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald's publication: Temporal Relationship of Choroidal Blood Flow and Thickness Changes during Recovery from Form Deprivation Myopia in Chicks.  Experimental Eye Research74(5):561-570. Abstract available on the web.  Dr. Fitzgerald reports that this research was made possible through the NSF grant, Assisi and the Briggs Foundation. [30 Oct. 2002]
    • 30 Oct. and 9 Oct. 2002   Donut Sale fundraiser for the Gulf Coast Field Trip
  • Students in Dr. Eisen's Invertebrate Zoology class and Bro. Edward's Ecology class sold fresh Krispy Kreme Donuts to raise money for the annual field trip to the Gulf Coast Research Lab.  November 7 through November 9.  View photos of past Gulf Coast Field Trips (Spring 2002) and (Spring 2001)
  • Does eating glazed donuts increase study efficiency and test performance?
  • Well, believe it or not, recent studies have shown that "glucose increased performance on learning and tests" in humans.   And studies highlight the importance of dietary carbohydrates for brain functionbecause "mental concentration actually drains glucose from a key part of the brain associated with memory and learning."
  • CBU Sciences and Engineering featured in Memphis Business Journal Article
    Drs. Holmes and Malasri were interviewed by MBJ and this resulted in a nice article with a photo.  You can see a photocopy on the main SOS bulletin board and you can read the article on the web.  [Too bad the web version does not include the photo.]
    18 Oct. 2002 issue of Memphis Business Journal:  "$3 million grant has CBU poised to renovate lab space by Scott Shepard.   Engineering and science students at Christian Brothers University next fall will get hands-on lab experiences on par with classroom lectures.  Thanks to a $3 million grant from the Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc., CBU next summer will embark on a project to gut and renovate the 16,000-square-foot Benilde Building...."
    "... [Dr. Holmes'] School of Sciences has already received $2.5 million in grants from Assisi, used to upgrade classrooms and labs. Another $600,000 from the latest grant will do more of the same."
    • 16-31 Oct. 2002 Beta Beta Beta members volunteered at the Children's Museum of Memphis Pumpkin Patch. The event lasts from the 16th to the 31st and shifts last from 9:20--12:20.  Contact Sarah Stinnett.
    • Saturday, 5 Oct. 2002  Beta Beta Beta Annual Dog Wash, 12:30-3:00 p.m. BBB fundraiser, contact Sarah Stinnett. Photos from the 2002 Dog Wash
    • Thursday, 3 Oct. 2002   Health Careers Opportunities Fair at CBU!
      • Arranged to help students find out about graduate programs in health care.
      • Room S201 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Room S201 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
      • Representatives from the following programs were on hand to answer questions:
        • University of Tennessee - Memphis

        •       Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy 
                Cytology, Health Information Management
        • Southern College of Optometry - Memphis
        • US Air Force, US Navy, US Army Medical Scholarship Programs 
      • For more information contact:  Dr. Eisen, Director, Pre-professional Health Programs, CBU
    • Saturday, 21 Sept. 2002    MIRT Projects Symposium at CBU 

    • 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  Room:  Montesi (2nd floor, Buckman Hall) at CBU
      Learn about opportunities for funded research during the summer of 2003
    This is the T-Shirt design for the 2002 cohort of MIRT students and mentors.
    • Interested in Brazil or Uganda for the summer of 2003?  Come and talk about what we can do!  (If you are accepted into the program, the MIRT grant will cover all of your travel expenses plus a stipend.)

    • All interested CBU Biology Students and prospective MIRT participants are encouraged to attend.
    CBU is ranked 27th in the top tier of Southern Universities Granting Master's Degrees and is listed as a “best value” among Southern Universities in U.S. News and World Report’s most recent report on “America’s Best Colleges.”  [13 Sept. '02]
  • Yellow jacket life history
  • The "purple heart" award goes to several of Bro. Edward's ecology students who had a memorable encounter with some yellow jacket wasps (Vespula sp.) during their 10 Sept. 2002 field work in Overton Park.
  • Hear a yellow jacket
  • The "interesting field site" award goes to Dr. Eisen's Environmental biology class.  Two members of the lab group were photographed in action as they collected human survivorship data from the tombstones at Ellendale Cemetery in Memphis.  The photo appears on page B2 of the 11 Sept. 2002 issue of the  Commercial Appeal.
    • Tuesday, 10 Sept. 2002   Research Opportunities  in Brazil and Uganda   2:00-4:00 p.m. Room S155
    This is the T-Shirt design for the 2002 cohort of MIRT students and mentors.
  • Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald discussed MIRT research opportunities.
  • Dr. Claudio Toledo, one of the Brazilian mentors for the MIRT program, answered questions about research in Brazil for summer 2003. 
  • Dr. Janet McCord, CBU Dept. of Religion and Philosophy, will discuss research opportunities in Uganda (and possibly Kenya) for 2003.
  • The summer 2003 paid research opportunity is open to juniors and above.
  • All interested CBU Biology Students and prospective MIRT participants are encouraged to attend the seminar.
    • Thursday, 5 Sept. 2002  Beta Beta Beta Open Meeting  12:15 p.m. room S214.
      • All students interested in Biology are invited to attend.
      • Help plan the activities for this academic year!
      • Contact: BBB chapter President for 2002-03 Sarah Stinnett
      • The Fall events to be discussed include the following:

      • Saturday, 21 September at 12:30 p.m.  Annual Dog Wash, proceeds to go to BBB
        16-31 October  9:20 to 12:20  Children's Museum of Memphis service work
        Friday, 25 October at 2:30 p.m.   Annual visit to Regional Forensics Center
        Thursday, 31 October   Annual Halloween lunchtime concert at Alfonso Dining Hall
                Assist (that means playing a musical instrument and/or singing and/or helping to carry PA equipment) at the annual Halloween lunchtime concert at Alfonso Dining Hall.  This is Dr. Eisen's vain attempt to retain his youth and make believe that he still is a rocker.  The venue is JUST Halloween songs.
      • 2 or 16 November  Blood Pressure Screening Program

  • Thursday, 22 August 2002    Biology Majors and Health Careers Meeting  12:30 p.m  Room S153
    • Photos from the 2002 Biology Majors and Health Careers Meeting!
    • Find out about:
    • Agenda: 1) Introduction of faculty (Brother Edward); 2) Invitation to join Beta Beta Beta (Sarah Stinnett, President of Beta Beta Beta); 3) Chemistry as an alternative for pre-health majors (Dr. Busler); 4) MIRT (Dr. Fitzgerald) 5) Use of computers and VALSHARE (Dr. Ross); 6) Prehealth Programs & distribution of Health Careers booklets (Dr. Eisen); 7) Distribution of door prizes (Dr. Eisen)
    • Bio Majors and Preprofessional Students: 

    • Take a look at the current edition of Health Careers prepared by Dr. Eisen.  Contact Dr. Eisen ( to put your name on the Caduceus Newsletter email list to receive weekly news about career preparation (pre-Medical, pre-Dentistry, Pre-Physical Therapy, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Nursing, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, etc.).
    • Photos from 2001 Biology Majors Meeting.
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