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  • Dr. Fitzgerald reports on CBU student research in the 19 April 2002 issue of Memphis Business Journal (in an article on the U. of Memphis Integrated Microscopy Center).
Dr. Rel Morgan (in 1990)
Friday, 12 April 2002 
CBU School of Sciences Retirement and Professors Emeriti Celebration (photos are here)
2:00-4:00 p.m. in the Science Building, 2nd floor hallway

Honoring these current and former SOS Faculty Members: 
Retiring in May 2002:  Dr. Rubin (Mathematics)
Professors Emeriti:  Dr. Gulde (Mathematics), Dr. Morgan (Physics) pictured left in 1990 at the  Beta Beta Beta Backyard Picnic, and Dr. Wescott (Chemistry) pictured right as the Grim Reaper, Faculty Mascot for the Charity Basketball Game.

Click to see Dr. Lyle Wescott when he's NOT in Grim Reaper garb
  • Saturday, 27 Oct. 2001 at 10:30
Second Annual
CBU School of Sciences
Youth & Vitality [BBB+ACS Students] vs.
Age & Deceit [School of Sciences Faculty]
Charity Basketball Game
Tuesday, 18 Sept. 2001
Donations will be accepted for Red Cross Disaster Relief.

The scoreboard tells the tale!
Final Score:
Age & Deceit 35
Youth & Vitality 30

"It's incredible!"

Game Photos

Ms. Carter, Bro. John, and Bro. Joel execute the tricky stepladder play. The step ladder may explain how the Age&Deceit (Faculty) team managed to win.

More than $500 was raised for the American Red Cross! 

Photos from the Annual Biology Majors' Meeting 30 Aug. 2001
Fall 2001 Welcome & Welcome Back Social for Science Students
24 August 2001  [Photos by Dr. Johnny Holmes]
  • Bio Majors and Preprofessional Students 
    • Take a look at the current edition of Health Careers prepared by Dr. Eisen.  Contact Dr. Eisen ( to put your name on the Caduceus Newsletter email list to receive weekly news about career preparation (pre-Medical, pre-Dentistry, Pre-Physical Therapy, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Nursing, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, etc.).
BellTower News
  • Med School Experiences from CBU Biology Alum Laura Haskins ('00)

  • CBU BellTower March 2001, article reprinted from Caduceus.
  • CBU has received an MIRT grant from NIH. The grant will support undergraduate biology students who are selected to join summer research projects in Brazil.
    • MIRT: Research Training Opportunity

    • The Minority International Research Training grant to CBU will support undergraduate biology students who are selected to join summer research projects in Brazil. 
      • Plan ahead for next year.  (The application deadline is 15 Jan.)

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