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Guidelines for Student Use of Biology Computers
PC & Mac computers in S201, S205, S212, S213, S214, and S216
Christian Brothers University Biology Department
[Revised August  2005]

How to access CBU biology course resources on valhalla.
  1. Students doing assigned biology course work have first priority of access.  For non-biology course work, Biology students have priority over other students.  Non-academic pursuits have lowest priority.  2. 2nd floor printer is not available to students unless they have Faculty permission.  Students who want paper printout should use a printer at the Computer Center (ITS) or elsewhere.
There are scanners in S213, ITS Lab 3, and the library that are available for student use. Students should not ask Mrs. Allen to scan anything for them.
  3. Students need to supply their own floppy or Zip disks (available at the bookstore and at ITS).  Or, send files to sheba student account drive space.
Generally, students should not save anything on the hard drive.  With faculty permission, a student may park something temporarily as long as it is placed in a clearly identifiable folder (directory).  For example, name the directory using studentís full name.  However, biology faculty reserve the right to delete any student directories and files at any time without notification to the student.
4. Students are asked not to make changes to the computer directory structure or to the desktop without permission from a faculty member.  Any unauthorized changes, including saved documents and new software installations, will be deleted without notification.



5. Students can use the instructorís PC (and doc camera, VCR, etc.) in the labs or S214 but only with permission from a faculty member.  (This also applies to S-153 and S-155.)  Students can use biology digital document cameras (and microscope camera, etc.) to scan images but only with permission of a faculty member. 6. If you are the last one to use a biology room (for example, late in the afternoon), be certain that the door is locked and computers are properly shut down and turned off when you leave.  Labs are generally kept locked when not in use. 
  7. Please report any hardware or software problems to ITS or to a biology faculty member. 8. Web surfing for courseware or career info?  Share the URLís of the coolest, most interesting sites you find and Dr. Ross will post them on the Biology Dept. web site (aross@cbu.edu) and  share them with Biomajors or  Caduceus readers.
Course Resources are available on \\valhalla\biology  [Restricted to CBU]
  • To use \\valhalla\biology [Access to valhalla is restricted to CBU]
    • Anyone can access this shared directory from any CBU networked PC on campus that can handle file sharing.  This includes all the PC's in the Computer Center, the Science Building, Buckman, the Library, and Nolan Hall.  Students can also connect to the shared directory from their CBU dorm room or apartment.   (Mac users can access this too.)
    • You can access the directory using \\valhalla\biology even if you don't use your own username and password when logging into windows networking.  For example, for Userid, type in b2 and password win9598 
    • All the PC's on the Biology floor will already be set up to access this directory.  But, you may have to enable acces from library or ITS PC's.  Use Windows Explorer (or ACDSee, see below) and look for the Drive listing:  "BIOLOGY on VALHALLA."  If it is not listed on the PC you wish to use, then go to Windows Explorer, pull down the menu under Tools.  Select Map Network Drive and map a drive to \\valhalla\biology.  (Be sure the "Reconnect at logon" box is checked and you won't have to repeat this step.) 
    • Or, if you use a valid CBU username and password when you login to windows networking, you can map a network drive to  \\valhalla\biology. 
    • For assistance (especially for access from dorms or CBU apartments), check the ITS FAQ's  http://www3.cbu.edu/its/server/samba.html  or contact help@cbu.edu
  • What's Available on \\valhalla\biology: Open the Resources folder for your Biology course or Professor.  Lecture Resources may include PowerPoint lecture slides for each course Unit and folders of images, MSWord documents, etc.  Lab Resources include Digital Images and PowerPoint tutorials sorted by lab topic as well as MSWord documents, etc.  You can easily view numerous images using the ACDSee image browser (see \\Valhalla\biology\ACDSee32).  For Biol 111, you will find powerpoint slides and animations that correspond to each chapter of your textbook.
  • The image files will load quickly from within the CBU Network.  These files are NOT designed to be accessed via modem! 
  • You do not need to save copies of the images or PowerPoint slides!  They will be on \\valhalla\biology the next time you need them.

This page created and maintained by Dr. Anna E. Ross, CBU Biology Webmaster.