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Youth & Vitality [BBB+ACS Students] vs. Age & Deceit [School of Sciences Faculty]
Charity Basketball Game
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Photographers for Page 2 (this page):
Analice Hosey, Nancy Hosey, Dr. Stan Eisen, and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald.
(Prints were scanned by Amy Cook then cropped and color adjusted by Dr. Ross.)
Dr. Condren's page has the original photos.

Beta Beta Beta ~ ACS Fundraiser  24 October 2000
  • Proceeds go to De La Salle School at Blessed Sacrament and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
    • T-shirts are still on sale and donations are still being accepted.  Contact: Dr. Eisen  (
    • Photos of the presentations of donations are coming soon!
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Age & Deceit with the Grim Reapers.
Age & Deceit:  Dr. Mike Condren (Coach), Br. Joel Baumeyer, Dr. Leigh Becker, Dr. Pascal Bedrossian, Dr. Trey Brown, Ms. Cathy Carter, Dr. Stan Eisen, Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Ms. Lisa Harper (a "ringer, " not pictured above), Dr. Johnny Holmes, Dr. Mary Ogilvie, Br. Kevin Ryan, Dr. Katie Sauser, Bro. Edward Salgado, and Dr. John Varriano. Grim Reaper: Dr. Lyle Wescott. Assistant Reaper: Amanda Fitzgerald.

Youth & Vitality:  Mary Carole Taylor restrains the Assistant reaper (Amanda Fitzgerald)
Youth & Vitality: Analice Hosey & Binh Nguyen  (Managers), Cina "Highlight Film" Ali, Emma Bunesci, Adam Cartwright, Tonya Dalla Valle, Justin "Air" Deaton, Jarred Drewry, Trevor Hunt, Jimmy James, Dewonia King, Chris Laurent, Kristin Luloff, Blair McKinney, Nick Newsom, Lewis Pearson, Dayan "Dave" Perera, Paul Robbins, Mary Carole Taylor, and Jessica Woodruff.

Age & Deceit coach Dr. Condren.

Age & Deceit team mascot The Grim Reaper (Dr. Wescott) is moved into position by ACS chapter president, Analice Hosey.

Dayan Perera guards Dr. Fitzgerald.
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Dr. Eisen introduces Bethany Ingram to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

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The Youth & Vitality of the Pom squad contrasts sharply with the exhaustion of Age & Deceit at Half Time.

The CBU Pom squad cheered for Youth & Vitality.

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Photo by Dr. Stan Eisen Final Score:  28-20. 
The Victors: Youth & Vitality [BBB+ACS Students]
Defeated but Unbowed:  Age & Deceit [School of Sciences Faculty]
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  • Presentation of Donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Friday, 10 November 2000.  Meet at 2:00 to carpool to St. Jude.
    • Dr. Eisen and students from BBB and ACS will meet Ms. Nikia Johnson, a member of ALSAC, the fund-raising arm of St. Jude at 2:30 p.m. for a short tour of the hospital and a brief ceremony to present a check for money raised during the Youth & Vitality vs. Age & Deceit BBB~ACS charity fundraiser - basketball game
      • If you need or can offer a ride, meet in the lobby of the Science Building at 2 p.m., and then drive to St. Jude. 
        Ms. Johnson says that the best way to get to St. Jude is to go north on East Parkway to Summer and turn left.  Summer Avenue turns into North Parkway, and North Parkway merges with Jackson as it approaches St. Jude.  That will take you right past St. Jude Hospital. 
  • Presentation of Donation to De La Salle School
    Photos coming soon.

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