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Induction 24 February 2011
The 31st Annual Induction of New Members
CBU's Mu Tau chapter of beta beta beta

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    Mu Tau Officers for 10-11

    Above: Dr. Smarrelli, CBU President, welcomed the inductees and guests.
    Below: New Associate Members are Inducted.

    New Associate Members
    (those able to attend the ceremony are pictured above)
    Juste Augustinaite
    Elton Banks, Jr. 
    Anna Birg 
    Anthony Garrett Burton
    Chelsie I. Clark
    Kelsey Coolican 
    Tiffany M. Corkran 
    Brittney Cherelle Darden 
    Kristen Davis 
    VaNessa S. Diggs 
    Russell Higgins 
    Carmesha E. Hubbard
    Shanandria Jackson
    Austin Craig Johnson
    Rachel Johnson
    Julia Kueter
    Amber Nicole Lackey
    Kevin Liao
    Jennifer Lo
    Phillip Loewenburg
    Shannon Jean McDonald
    Will Macpherson
    Duy Hoang Nguyen 
    Andrew Parsley
    Kevin Pham 
    Jessica Schneider
    Brittany Story
    Esha Thakone 
    John Austin Tubbs
    Jasmine Turner
    Megan Wilson
    Natalie Wright

    Below: Full Members are Inducted

    New Full Members
    (those able to attend the ceremony are pictured above)
    Carey Ann Bowen 
    Teaire L. Carmichael
    Porsha Chillis
    James Dowdy
    Jessica Dunn 
    Jessica Ferrell 
    Allyson Frymark
    Zamyra Chardonnay Lambert
    Staci Long 
    Lauryn Murphy 
    Riley Pace
    Bhavyata Parag
    Sarah-Catherine C. Ryan
    Nicholas Stephen Selvo 
    Kyle Smith 
    Indiana Yohine Soliman 
    Velita Thornton 
    Colleen Valdez 
    Cameron Volpe 
    Nick Watkins 
    Angela Williams 
    Jessica Wooster

    Below:  Bro. Edward Salgado, Biology Dept. Chair, spoke about Haiti Medical Mission of Memphis.

    Tri-Beta will be organizing some fundraising activities on behalf of Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis.

    Below:  BBB Members and Guests enjoy snacks provided at the Reception.

    beta beta beta is a national biology honor society for undergraduates. 
    "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
    • The award winning CBU (Mu Tau) Chapter of beta beta beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.
    • Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
    • Description of Officers' Duties (MSWord)

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