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Induction 20 February 2008
The 28th Annual Induction of New Members
CBU's Mu Tau chapter of beta beta beta

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  • Bowling for Uganda Nov 2007
  • Spring 2007 Induction
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    Mu Tau Officers for 07-08       Roster of New Members

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    Above left:  Michael Herr (BBB President) and Daniel Darnell (BBB Treasurer) confer as the inductees and guests arrive.

    Above left:  Jeremy Armstron (BBB Vice President) and Michael Herr (BBB President).

    Bro. Edward Salgado (Biology Dept. Chair) offered the opening prayer

    Above: Alicia Scarborough, Daniel Darnell, Jeremy Armstrong, Michael Herr, and Bro. Edward Salgado.
    Tri-Beta Officers performed a skit: "A CBU Degree is 15 Minutes"

    Above left: Alicia Scarborough, Daniel Darnell, Jeremy Armstrong, Michael Herr.  Michael Herr (as Bro. Edward)  "teaches" John Legge.

    John Legge (BBB Secretary, ACS President) plays the student as Michael Herr and Jeremy Armstrong conduct a Chemistry demonstration.

    Above right:  Alicia Scarborough, as Dr. Cooper, teaches student Legge about Linus Pauling.

    The BBB Officers join in a chorus of Dr. Ogilvie's version of "Proud Mary" as the capstone course for student Legge's 15 min. degree.

    Above:  Dr. Ogilvie introduces the Guest Speaker, Manny Patel, UTMC (CBU Biol '05)

    Right:  Manny Patel describes Hope North, Uganda
    Tri-Beta presented a donation from the Nov. 2007 "Bowling for Uganda" event to benefit Hope North.
    New and Promoted Full Members are Inducted

    New Associate Members are Inducted.

    Above right: Dr. Fitzgerald receives a certicate of appreciation.

    Above:  Dr. Ogilvie receives a certicficate of appreciation.
    Below:  BBB Members and Guests enjoy snacks provided at the Reception.

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    beta beta beta is a national biology honor society for undergraduates. 
    "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
    • The CBU Chapter of beta beta beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.
    • Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
    • Mu Tau Chapter Officers for 2007-08:

    • President: Michael Herr
      Vice President:  Jeremy Armstrong
      Treasurer: Daniel Darnell
      Secretary: John Legge
      Historian: Alicia Scarborough
      Description of Officers' duties (MSWord)
    • Committee Chairs for 2007-08:

    • Social Chair: Erin Green
      Philanthropy: Raven Fifer
      Publicity: Kelly Town
      Fundraising: Caitlin Clay
      Volleyball: Nicole Bates
      Bowl-a-Thon: John York
    New Full Members Promoted or Inducted 2008
    Melody Allensworth      
    Caitlin Ashley
    Isaac Barr                      
    Scott Berry
    Rosie Britton           
    Eric Davis
    Edward Derrick          
    Rachel Escue
    SadeDora Gôree          
    Jessica Hines
    Fatima Khan                     
    Lana Lapova
    Valencia Lewis          
    Wallace Lock
    Jacquelyn McDonald      
    Erica McMorise
    Terry Netzel            
    Hanna Orendorff
    Michelle Paul           
    Minh-Thao Pham
    Thang Pham                      
    Kristi Prevost
    Kelly Towns             
    Ting Wong
    New Associate Members Inducted 2008
    Morgan Alexandra                
    Victoria Bujalski
    Elizabeth Calabretta            
    Madison Cao
    Casey Carr                              
    Cheryl Clausel
    Jennifer Cobb                   
    Mary Dickey
    Susanna Downing                         
    Tiffany Duncan
    Jenna Eakes                             
    Alan Fredericks
    Dominique Garcia-Robles 
    Heather Gosnell
    Rachel Haag                     
    Chase Habkouk
    Brent Hooks                             
    Natalie Hurt
    Meagan Lamica                   
    Seur-Wai Lim
    Brandon Maharrey                
    Kathleen Nelson
    TrangDai Nguyen                 
    Phuc Phan
    Yandira Salinas                 
    Huong Tran

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