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Zoo Trip 25 Sept. 2006
CBU's Mu Tau chapter of beta beta beta
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  • Students from CBU's chapter of TriBeta took a "back stage" tour of the Memphis Zoo.
    Photos below were provided by Ashley Prevost, Chapter President.
    At The Zoo
    (Simon and Garfunkel)

    Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo
    I do believe it, I do believe its true
    Mmm-mmm-mm-mm, Mmm-mmm-mm,
    Ohh ohh ohh, Mmm-Mmm-mmm

    Its a light and tumbled journey from the east side to the park
    Just to find a fancy ramble to the zoo
    But you can take a crosstown bus if it's raining or it's cold
    And the animals will love it if you do - If you do now

    Something tells me it's all happening at the Zoo
    I do believe it, I do believe it's true
    Mmm-mmm-mm-mm, Mmm-mmm-mm
    Ohh Ohh Ohh, Mmm-Mmm-mm

    The monkeys stand for honesty
    Giraffes are insincere
    The Elephants are kindly but they're dumb
    Orang Utangs are skeptical of changes in their cages
    and the zookeeper is very fond of rum

    Zebras are reactionaries
    Antelopes are visionaries
    Pigeons flocked in secrecy
    and hamsters turn on frequently
    It's a cast you have to come and see
    At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo

    Memphis Zoo web site

    Take a look at the tongue of the Reticulated Giraffe!

    Click to download a Quicktime movie of the White Cheeked Gibbons.

    White cheeked gibbons "They exhibit sex- and age-linked color dimorphism. All infants are a beige color. By the time they are one to one and a half years old, their coat has become black with white cheek patches. At sexual maturity (five to seven years), males remain black and females become a beige color again."  (Information quoted from the National Zoo)
    beta beta beta is a national biology honor society for undergraduates. 
    "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
    • The CBU Chapter of beta beta beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.  Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
    • Mu Tau Chapter Officers for 2006-07:

    • President: Ashley Prevost
      Vice President:  Michael Herr
      Treasurer: Rebecca Bastnagel
      Secretary: Sana Mujahid
      Historian: Whitney Heath
    • Committee Chairs for 2006-07:

    • Social Chair: Cynthia Johnson
      Philanthropy: Raven Fifer
      Public Relations: Jeremy Armstrong
      Fundraising: Antony Eddy
      Volleyball Game: Brian Kim

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