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Induction 5 April 2006
The 26th Annual Induction of New Members
CBU's Mu Tau chapter of beta beta beta

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  • Spring 2005 Induction
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    Group Induction Photos
    Mu Tau Officers for 05-06       Roster of New Members
    BBB Meeting 20 April 2006

    Welcome (Dr. Ogilvie) and Invocation (Bro. Edward Salgado)

    Jennifer Hendrick (2nd from left above) and the other Officers preside
    New and Promoted Full Members are Inducted

    New Associate Members are Inducted.

    Dr. Tracie Burke is presented with Honorary Associate Membership.
    Above left: Jennifer Hendrick is pictured with Dr. Burke.
    In honor of Dr. Mary Ogilvie, the Chapter Advisor, the officers presented a slide show of the chapter's activities.

    BBB Members and Guests enjoy snacks provided at the Reception.
    beta beta beta is a national biology honor society for undergraduates. 
    "Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research."
    • The CBU Chapter of beta beta beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.
    • Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for BBB.
    • Mu Tau Chapter Officers for 2005-06:

    • President - Christie Spencer
      Vice President - Jennifer Hendrick
      Secretary - Reena Patel
      Treasurer - Christina Brown
      Historian - Sarah Wright
    • Committee Chairs for 2005-2006:

    • Social Chair - Melissa Hines
      Public Relations - Ashley Prevost
      Volleyball Game - Ann Ramsey
      Fundraising - Jeremy Hunt
      Community Service - Steven Moore
    • Mu Tau Chapter Officers for 2006-07:

    • President: Ashley Prevost
      Vice President:  Michael Herr
      Treasurer: Rebecca Bastnagel
      Secretary: Sana Mujahid
      Historian: Whitney Heath
    • Committee Chairs for 2006-07:

    • Social Chair: Cynthia Johnson
      Philanthropy: Raven Fifer
      Public Relations: Jeremy Armstrong
      Fundraising: Antony Eddy
      Volleyball Game: Brian Kim
    New Full Members Promoted or Inducted 2006
    Indre Augustinaite
    Rebecca Bastnagel
    Raven Fifer
    Whitney Heath
    Sami Helou
    Michael Herr
    Mitchell Lingerfelt
    Sana Mujahid
    Alan Newton
    Jennie Nguyen
    Niti Patel
    Chemetra Patrick
    Jennifer Paxson
    Ashley Prevost
    Rebecca Scott
    Kyle Summer
    New Associate Members Inducted 2006
    Michael Antone
    Oksana Balabanova
    Scott Berry
    Corbie Cole
    Courtney Collota
    Daniel Darnell
    Antony Eddy
    Chantel Engleberg
    Tucker Forsythe
    Danielle Howell
    Tiffany Hunt
    Cynthia Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson
    JoAnna Lagownik
    Angela Lingerfelt
    Erica McMorise
    Roxana Naderi
    Houng-Lan Nguyen
    Phillip Nguyen
    Tim Nguyen
    Stephanie Parker
    Hallie Rose
    Alicia Scarborough
    Kelly Towns
    Kanika Townsend
    Emily H. Wong
    Ying Wong
    Photos below are from the BBB Meeting 20 April 2006
    Honoring the graduating members and incoming officers.

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