mmeeAndrew Assadollahi, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Christian Brothers University

Office: Nolan 132

Phone: (901)-321-4154






Dr. Assadollahi is a native Memphian and a 2005 graduate of Christian Brothers High School.

Dr. Assadollahi earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural engineering

from Christian Brothers University in 2009. He also earned a B.S. in Mathematics from

Christian Brothers University in 2009, concentrating in applied differential equations. He earned a

M.S. in Civil Engineering from The University of Memphis in 2010 with a concentration in structural

seismic engineering. Dr. Assadollahi completed his Ph.D. in Engineering from The University

of Memphis with a concentration in geo-structures in 2013. He is a registered professional engineer

in the State of Tennessee.


Fall 2017


Dr. Assadollahi is active in both structural and geotechnical engineering research. Currently he is

working with his undergraduate research group on projects involving mathematical optimization of

geo-structures, structural dynamics, effects of crumb rubber on soil properties, biological effects of

crumb rubber on plant life, and chemical stabilization of soils.

Assadollahi Civil Engineering Research Group

Journal Publications

Conference Publications


Dr. Assadollahi has served as the faculty advisor of the American Society of Civil Engineers

(ASCE) student chapter at CBU since Fall 2015. The link below gives recent information

about this student organization and all of their accomplishments since Dr. Assadollahi has been

the faculty advisor. Dr. Assadollahi also has served has the senior project advisor to several

students interested in both Geotechnical and Structural Engineering. Below is a link that shows

all of the senior projects Dr. Assadollahi has advised since his faculty appointment in Spring 2014.

ASCE Student Chapter at CBU

Senior Project Advisees

(The number in parentheses indicates number of times the course has been taught.)

General Resources


Civil Engineering and Architecture (1)


CE 110: Introduction to Civil Engineering (4)


CE 113: Civil Engineering Analysis (3)


CE 201: Statics (2)


CE 210: Mechanics of Materials (4)


CE 212: Structural Analysis (3)


CE 310: Design of Steel Structures (1)


CE 311: Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (1)


CE 322: Soil Mechanics (6)


CE 322L: Soil Mechanics Laboratory (6)


CE 331: Junior Project (1)


CE 340: Design of Foundations (4)


CE 442: Advanced Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (1)


CE 444: Advanced Structural Engineering (1)


CE 445: Advanced Geotechnical Engineering (2)


CE 493: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (1)


CE/ME 496: Advanced Mechanics of Materials (1)