PHYS 150 Physics I

Dr. Johnny B. Holmes

Catalog description: A beginning course in physics covering the topics of kinematics, dynamics, gravitation, work, energy, momentum, rotational kinematics and dynamics. Prerequisite MATH 129 or MATH 131 (Calculus). Corequisite PHYS 150L (Physics I Lab). Offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, and during the first summer term. A student can receive credit for only one of PHYS 150 and PHYS 201 (Intro to Physics I)

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Syllabus for PHYS 150 Regular sections A&C and for the Honors Sections B&D for fall 2020 (pdf files)

Office Hours for fall 2020 (pdf file)

Warning: do not run the computer homework directly from the web. Instead, first create a folder named Physics on your computer. Then SAVE (do not RUN) the programs below into the Physics folder. You may have to move the program from the Download folder into your new Physics folder. Be sure you have the actual program in the folder, and not just a shortcut. Then RUN the programs from the folder. Your response file, STRES.DAT, should then be found in the Physics folder.
To download the physics computer homework volume 0 for windows: PV0WIN.EXE
To download the physics computer homework volume 1 for windows: PV1WIN.EXE
To download the physics computer homework volume 2 for windows: PV2WIN.EXE
Note to Mac users: If you have a Windows emulator, you should be able to run the above programs. If you don't, or if you have problems, see the instructions at Computer Assisted Homework. Here are two websites that contain other options for running the windows programs on a Mac:

Instructions for e-mailing computer homework response file to me

Computer help on acceleration due to gravity experiment (to download windows program)

Here is the CBU Library's physics references
More science info from the library
Here are some off-CBU sites you may find helpful:
Weights and Measures
Dictionary of Units and Measurements
PSIGate logoPhysical Science Information Gateway
Newton's Laws from the Auto Insurance Center
Simple Machines
Elevator Physics





o    Copy of a previous final exam Version a and Version b (pdf file) Fall 2019 versions

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