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Dr. Johnny B. Holmes

Professor of Physics and
Dean, School of Sciences

Christian Brothers University office: CW 103; phone: (901)321-3448

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Courses being taught this spring (2015)

Courses to be taught this summer (June session 2015)

Other courses recently taught

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First Day at CBU ppt presentation

Demonstration Class (ppt document)

Demonstration Class 2 (ppt document)

Pre-Health Physics Review (ppt document)

Lab Experiments for Physics and Natural Science courses written by Drs. Rel Morgan, John Varriano, Ted Clarke and myself

Physics Computer Homework Programs written by Dr. John Varriano and myself

For the public versions (NOT CBU student versions for credit) of the physics computer homework for Windows, click to download:
Volume 0 Math Review
Volume 1 Mechanics I
Volume 2 Mechanics II
Volume 3 Electricity
Volume 4 Electromagnetism
Volume 5 Light
Volume 6 Relativity & Nuclear Physics

Lab programs for Physics I and Intro to Physics I:
Concurrent forces
Help on Acceleration Due to Gravity experiment
Centripetal forces
Planetary Orbits
Electric Field Simulation and courier 12 pt version: ESIMLMC12.EXE

Nomenclature program for chemistry (author is Dr. William Busler)
lite version of Nomenclature program for chemistry

Personal information

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Personal Information

B.S. in Physics from Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Mo. in 1971
M.S. Physics from University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fl. in 1974
Ph.D. Physics from University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fl. in 1976

Experience: (all at C.B.U.)
Assistant Professor of Physics 1976-1979
Associate Professor of Physics 1979-1989
Chair of Physics Department 1979-1997
Professor of Physics 1989-present
Dean of the School of Sciences 1997-present

Married (Sharon) with two children: Brent (born 1990) and Catherine (born 1994).

I played baseball in college (left handed pitcher). I have played racquetball and some golf, and I presently do some running for exercise.

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Courses being taught this spring (2015)

PHYS 202 Introductory Physics II
PHYS 202L Introductory Physics II Lab

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Courses to be taught this summer (June session 2015)

PHYS 201 Introductory Physics I
PHYS 201L Introductory Physics I Lab

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Other courses taught recently

PHYS 150 Physics I summer 2014
PHYS 150L Physics I Lab summer 2014
PHYS 251 Physics II Summer 2006
PHYS 251L Physics II Lab Spring 2008
PHYS 252 Physics III Spring 2008
PHYS 353 Solid State Physics (independent study) Spring 2004
PHYS 380 Advanced Mechanics Spring 2013
PHYS 381 Advanced Mechanics II Fall 2013
NSCI 111 Introduction to Astronomy Summer 2011
NSCI 111L Introduction to Astronomy Lab Summer 2011
MATH 117 Precalculus Summer 2008

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