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Engineering Week Flyer

Constitution and Bylaw of Memphis Chapter

TSPE Education Outreach Activity/Opportunity



The Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) is a professional association with more than 1500 individual members including professional (licensed) engineers, engineering associates, engineering interns, and engineering students. TSPE members represent all technical disciplines and all practice areas including construction, education, industry, government, and private practice.

The Memphis Chapter of Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers is a local organization of engineers committed to service of the community and support of engineers and engineering practices.


Meeting 9-11-15

TSPE Congratulates the New PEs of 2013

Nicholas Brown
Jeremy Hart
Randall Hyneman
Andrew Kizzee
Charles Lord
Jonnye McElyea
Adam November
John Phillips
Betty Rudolph
John Tatum
Gregory Van Sickel


TSPE Congratulates the New PEs of 2011

Jason Black
Matthew Dorsey
Michael Feuser
Jeffrey Fugate
Mykola Kasich
Mohamed Osman
Clifton Phillips
George Pingen
Daniel Taylor
Bryan Thompson
Joseph Unger

Memphis Chapter of TSPE Awards - 2011


TSPE Young Engineer Award
Brian King, PE of Fisher Arnold, Inc.

TSPE Outstanding Engineer Award
Mark W. Askew, PE of A2H

TSPE Outstanding Employer Award
Askew Hargraves Harcourt & Associates, Inc. (A2H)

Memphis Chapter of TSPE Awards - 2011

Congratulation to Tom Needham, P.E. who received the Distinguished Engineer Award for 2011 from TSPE. This award recognizes the outstanding service of long-time TSPE members for their exceptional technical contributions to the engineering profession and their contributions to their communities and to the Society.

Congratulation to J. T. Malasri, PE who received a citation for his efforts to engage young engineers at the annual meeting in August of TSPE. JT was instrumental in creating the Young Members Art Show.


Congratulation to Candy Toler, TSPE executive director, who was recently named Association Executive of the Year by the Tennessee Society of Association Executives, the highest honor awarded by this statewide organization whose membership includes over 300 leaders of Tennessee professional, trade and nonprofit associations. Toler has served as executive director of TSPE and ACEC of TN since 1999. ___________________________________________________________

Congratulation to Tom Needham, P.E. who is the 2010 recipient of the MJEC Award of Excellence for his contributions to the profession, achievements and involvement in associations and societies. For the past 42 years, Mr. Needham has practiced engineering in the State of Tennessee as design engineer, project manager, and construction manager. Currently, Mr.
Needham is on the Board of Directors for Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR, Inc.) and is the Infrastructure Group Leader with additional responsibility for the overall marketing and business development direction of the firm Tom was the (TSPE) – Memphis Chapter President in 2008-09 and is currently the TSPE State President 2009-10.


Memphis Chapter of TSPE Awards - 2010


The Memphis Chapter Awards were announced at the Annual Meeting on February 18, 2010 at Christian Brothers University. The following were recognized for their contributions to TSPE and the engineering profession:


Dennis Henderson, P.E.

Allen & Hoshall

Ed Hargraves, P.E.

Josh Holtgrewe P.E.



TSPE State Awards - 2010
The TSPE State Awards were announced at the Annual Meeting in June. The following were recognized for their contributions to TSPE and the engineering profession:

Professional Engineer in Government -Chattanooga City Engineer Todd Leamon P.E.

Young Engineer - Josh Holtgrewe, PE, Allen & Hoshall, Memphis

Outstanding Engineer - Sandra Knight, P.E. from Bradley County

Distinguished Service - Shane Pike, P.E.

Outstanding Employer of the Year -Aerospace Testing Alliance of Tullahoma

A Presidential citation was awarded by outgoing president Tom Needham, P.E. to Memphis’, Loyal Murphy IV, P.E. in recognition for his “coaching efforts to make the state MathCounts Team competitive” at the annual competition in Orlando, FL. Presidential Citations were also presented to Cathy Nichols, P.E.” in appreciation for outstanding and long term support of the society”, and Joe Carson, P.E. “in appreciation for his support of Vols 4 STEM”.



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Memphis Chapter Officers


Carol (Dodge) Whelchel, P.E.

Tim Herndon, P.E.
State Director

Ben Campbell, P.E.

George Holliday, P.E.
State Director

Jill Baxter
Vice President

Frank Niedzwiedz, P.E.
Chapter Director

McKenzie Shankle

John Ventura, P.E. (Retired)
Chapter Director

Drake Danley, P.E.

Brian King, P.E..
Past President

Shilpa Appurubugatha
Chapter Director 

Chris Nielson, P.E.
Chapter Director

TSPE Awards Chair

Legislative Affairs

Society Development/

Membership Chair

Drake Danley, P.E.
MathCounts Chair


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TSPE Ballot 2015-2016

Engineers Week Flyer 2014

Memphis Chapter Nomination Forms for Awards
Young Engineer
PE Engineer in Government
Outstanding Engineer
Outstanding Employer
Distinguished Service Award

Send completed forms to Carol (Dodge) Whelchel, P.E
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Young Members Art Show

Overview of Art Show of March 25, 2011



Engineers Week Activities 2012

Memphis-Area Joint Engineers Council

MJEC Nomination Forms
Award of Excellence
Past MJEC Award Recipients


Memphis Chapter of TSPE Ballot for


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Call for Papers

Get ready for the

Mid-South Annual Engineering and Sciences Conference

Co-Sponsored by the Memphis Chapter of TSPE

May 4, 2011

Call for Papers

This conference invites industry professionals and researchers to describe ongoing and future trends in the fields of engineering and science.

For more information, please check the conference web site at:

MAESC 2011

To participate or for more detailed information contact:

Siripong Malasri, Ph.D., P.E.





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