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Department of Mathematics

Christian Brothers University


Office: Cooper-Wilson 323 inside 321

Phone: (901)321-3442

E-Mail: baumeyer@cbu.edu




Math  Center Director, Cooper-Wilson 321


Office Hours, Fall 2015


Monday, Wednesday: 10:00 – 2:00

Tuesday, Thursday:  9:000 – 2:00

 Friday: 10:00 – 12:00







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  Math 301 A: Non-Euclidean Geometry & The History of Mathematics


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   Handouts for all classes

    Student Guide to Plato Learning Environment

   Math 100A: Basic Algebra

   Math 100B: Basic Algebra


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   Handouts for all classes

    Student Guide to Plato Learning Environment

   Math 103 A.B: Fundamentals of Algebra


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Retrieve Document in Word

27 Algebra Basics

8 Steps in a Word Problem 

Seven Step Paradigm

 2 D Grids for Graphing, 4grids    Larger 2D Grids  for Graphing, 2grids

 3 Dimension Grids for Graphing

Various Types of Graphing Paper

Statistical Package for the TI-89

Basic Trigonometry Concepts





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