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    Dr. Sandra Thompson-Jaeger
    Chair Biology Department 
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    Environmental Science Paradigm

    Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Environmental Science
    First Year Courses
    Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
    BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I and lab 4 BIOL 112 Principles of Biology II and lab 4
    CHEM 113 Prin. of Chem I and lab 4 CHEM 114 Principles of Chem II & Lab 4
    ENG 111  English Composition I 3 ENG 112  English Composition II 3
    Elective (MATH 117) or MATH 131 3 MATH 131  Calculus I 3
    (Optional: elective) (3) Social Science elective 3
    Orientation 0
     Total credits
    Total credits 14-17
    Second Year Courses
    Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
    Biology Elective & lab 4 Biology elective and lab 4
    CHEM 211  Organic I and lab 4 CHEM 212  Organic II and lab 4
    PHYS 201 Intro Physics I and lab 4 PHYS 202  Intro Physics II and lab 4
    Literature Elective 3 Religious Studies Elective (200 level) 3
    Total credits
    Total credits
    Third Year Courses
    Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
    BIOL 311  Genetics and lab 4 BIOL 362  Biology Seminar 1
    Biology Elective and lab 4 MATH 201  Applied Statistics 3
    CHEM 312  Biochemistry and lab 4 Biology Elective and lab 4
    Social Science Elective 3 Moral Values elective: Environmental Ethics 3
    Total credits
    Liberal Arts elective (any Sch of Arts course)   3 
    Total credits
    Summer  Biol 463 Research I

    Fourth Year Courses

    Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
    BIOL 464 Research II 2 BIOL 465  Research III 2
    BIOL 499  Comprehensive Exam 0 Biology Elective and lab 4
    Biology Elecive and Lab 4 Biology Elective  3
    Biology Elective  3-4 Religious Studies elective (300 level) 3
    Elective   3
    Total credits
    Total credits 15-16

    Biology-Environmental Science Electives:  minimum of 31 hours of biology-environmental science electives 200 level or higher (Biol 107 allowed only for the Env Sci concentration); must include at least one course from each of the four groups listed below; minimum of 20 hours of biology electives must be at or above the 300 level. 
    Env. Sci. Group I biomedical and cell biology BIOL 312  Human Physiology;  421  Cell Biology;  451  Neuroscience.
    Env. Sci. Group II organismal biology BIOL 216 Botany;  321 Microbiology;  335 Invertebrate Zoology;   369 Herpetology;  413 Parasitology.
      Env. Sci. Group III evolutionary biology
    and ecology
    BIOL 346 Evolution;  381 Animal Behavior;  412 Ecology;  4xx Limnology.
    Env. Sci. Group IV environmental science electives BIOL 370 Toxicology (Biology Group IV);  CE 305 Environmental Site Assessment;  CE 404 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management;  CE 405 Remediation of Organicallyl contaminated Soil and Water;  CE 406 Air Pollution;  CHEM 214 Quantitative Analysis.

    No more than 6 hours in biology can be used for free Electives unless the total credits exceed 122.

    Chemistry elective:  any chemistry course with a lab at the 200 level or above will satisfy this requirement, but CHEM 315-316 Biochemistry or CHEM 214 Quantitative Analysis is recommended. 

    Recommended free electives: BIOL 107 Environmental Biology, HUM 210 Intro Sustainability.

    Students may substitute BIOL 461-462 plus three more hours for the BIOL 463-464-465 only with permission of the Chair or Course Director. 

    Minimum total credits for degree: 122.

    Minimum GPA of 2.0 in biology courses is required for graduation.  Transfer students must take at least 20 hours ob biolgoy at or above the 300 level at Christian Brothers University.

    ALG 110, 115, 120; MATH 100, 103; ENG 100; and CHEM 101 do not fulfill the free electives requirement (effective with the 2011-2012 catalog).

    B. S. in Biology with a Concentration in Environmental Science Degree Checksheet  (MSWord to print)