Charity Volleyball Tournament
30 March 2017
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  • Thursday, 30 March 2017   CBU School of Sciences Charity Volleyball Tournament
      • 6:00 p.m. in CBU's Canale Arena.  The traditional rivalry continues!
Youth and Vitality?
Youth & Vitality
  • Youth and Vitality (Students) vs. Old Age & Deceit (Faculty)
    • Donations and raffle sales to support the Church Health.
    • "Combined with Trivia Night, erlenmeyer flask, raffles, and Volleyball, we raised $671.25 for Church Health. Thank you to everyone who came out, helped, played, and donated!" -- update from Diana Abu-Obeid, Tri-Beta Publicity Chair.
  • Youth and Vitality:Tri-Beta, SMACS, and other SOS students
  • Old Age & Deceit: SOS Faculty, and a couple of "ringers" 
  • 2017 Volleyball Flyer
    Old Age and Deceit?
    Old Age & Deceit
    • Coached by Dr. Mary Ogilvie (Biology), the 2017 Old Age & Deceit team included:  Elton Banks (Bio Alum), Dr. Johnny Holmes (Physics), Dr. William Peer (Chemistry), Dr. Serge Salan  (Math), Lucille Starks (PA Program), Diamond Starks (Psych Alum), David Tran (Chem Alum), Dr. John Varriano (Physics), and Dr. Jing Wang (Math).
    • Student Teams (Youth and Vitality) included: Lance Silvis, Jake Beebe, Nick Hugo, Michael Mendez, Lamis Hasan, Thomas Jimenez, Ashley Cavaliere, Victoria Lwamba, Joah Chavez, Sam Elkhayyat, Regina Acuna, Gil Erwin, Elizabeth Parr, Hung Nguyen, Trey Gillenwater, and David Orleans.









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