For general information purposes here is the departmental syllabus for Math 232.
For each item on this page there are two links. The first is to a pdf document of the item, while the second is an html document. The pdf fomat will have the cleanest typesetting but it does require a pdf viewer while the html format is viewable from any browser but the equations may not be accurately depicted.


Here is the first day handout for Math 232.

The assigned homework is here. This list will be updated continuously throughout the semester.


Here are the exams.
Exam 1.
Exam 2.
Exam 3.


Here is a list of quizzes.
Quiz 1.
Quiz 2.
Quiz 3.
Quiz 4.
Quiz 5.
Quiz 6.
Quiz 7.
Quiz 8.
Quiz 9.
Quiz 10.
Quiz 11.