Here is the first day handout for Math 142.

Some resources which may prove helpful for students are the Help Sessions and the Week in Review. Click here for a schedule of these events. The other resource, which you should take advantage of, are my office hours. My office hours for Math 142 are 1:00pm to 3:00pm MTWR. Please come by.


This is the suggested homework for this course.
Sect. 1.1:      5, 7, 9, 17-27odd, 31-39odd, 47, 50, 55, 65-71odd, 79-87odd
Sect. 1.2:      1-23odd, 26, 27, 35-39odd
Sect. 1.3:      all the odd problems.
Sect. 1.4:      7-25odd, 33, 37, 43, 53-63odd, 73, 79
Sect. 1.5:      7-31odd, 47-61odd, 77, 81
Sect. 1.6:      3, 7, 21-35odd, 45-55odd, 71-77odd
Sect. 1.7:      7-31odd, 37-45odd
Sect. 1.8:      5, 11, 15, 21, 25-45odd, 51-65odd
Sect. 1.9:      all problems
Sect. 1.10:      all problems

Exam one will cover chapter one. This exam will be given on Feb. 18 2000.

Sect. 2.1:      3-21odd, 25-47odd, 55, 59
Sect. 2.2:      11-35odd, 45-55odd, 63, 67, 71
Sect. 2.3:      5-23odd, 27, 29, 37-53odd, 61-73odd
Sect. 2.4:      1-53odd
Sect. 3.1:      11-31odd, 39-55odd, 65-79odd
Sect. 3.2:      7-45odd, 49-55odd
Sect. 3.3:      1-51odd
Sect. 3.4:      7-45odd, 59-69odd, 73, 75
Sect. 3.5:      1-25odd, 37, 39, 41

Sect. 4.1:      7-39odd, 47-67odd, 77-87odd
Sect. 4.2:      1-11odd, 23-45odd, 63-75odd

Exam two will cover chapters two and three plus the first two sections of chapter four

Sect. 4.3:      11-33odd, 43-59odd
Sect. 5.1:      1-55odd
Sect. 5.2:      1-47odd
Sect. 5.3:      1-27odd
Sect. 5.4:      1-39odd (skip no. 37)
Sect. 5.5:      1-41odd, 57-67odd (use RIEMANN not SUM)
Sect. 5.6:      1-35odd, 51-69odd

Exam three will cover section 4.3 and chapter 5. We will skip chapter six and move on to chapter seven.

Sect. 7.1:      1-25odd, 33-47odd
Sect. 7.2:      1-53odd
Sect. 7.3:      1-33odd

The final will be comprehensive. It will cover the material in the first three sections of chapter seven as well as all the material covered by the other three exams.


Here is the first Quiz of the semester. (given on Jan. 28)
The second quiz (Feb. 4) may be found here.
The third Quiz, given on Feb. 11.
The fourth quiz is a take home Quiz since it is during test week.
The fifth quiz is intended to reinforce the material covered by Exam 1. Anything on the exam may show up on this Quiz which was given on Feb. 23.
The sixth quiz may be found here.
The seventh Quiz.
Here is the eighth quiz.
The ninth quiz may found here.
The tenth quiz was given the week of April 10.
The eleventh quiz was a practice for Exam three.
Half of the points you earn on the twelfth quiz will be added to your test score.
Here is the last quiz of the semester.


Here is the first exam of the semester. It was given on Feb. 19.

This is the second exam of the semester. This test was on Monday, March 27.

The third exam is on April 19. This is the last test before the final.


The first project of the semester was given out on Feb. 21. It is due on Mar. 1.

The second project is due Monday, April 10.

The third project is to do "Project 1" (A Lorentz Curve) on page 337 of the textbook. For a hardcopy (if you have lost your book) click here.