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Here is the first day handout for Math 141.


This is the suggested homework for this course.
Sect. 1.3:      (1-23)odd and (35-45)odd.
Sect. 1.4:      (1-23)odd.
Sect. 1.5:      1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13.
Sect. 2.1:      (1-23)odd.
Sect. 2.4:      (1-35)odd
Sect. 2.5:      (3-21)odd, (29-43)odd.
Sect. 2.6:      (7-21)odd, 27, 32, 35, 39.
Sect. 2.2:      3, 7, (13-23)odd, 28, 29, (35-45)odd, 57, 63.
Sect. 2.3:      (11-33)odd, 36, 37.
Sect. 3.1:      (1-11)odd, 15, (25-33)odd.
Sect. 3.2:      (1-15)odd.

(Exam 1)

Sect. 3.3:      (1-25)odd, 31, 33, 35.
Sect. 4.1:      (1-27)odd, 33, 35.
Sect. 6.1:      (7-21)odd, (31-49)odd, 57, 63.
Sect. 6.2:      (3-23)odd, 29, 31.
Sect. 6.3:      (1-23)odd.
Sect. 6.4:      (3-11)odd, (23-41)odd, (49-69)odd.
Sect. 7.1:      (5-19)odd, (25-39)odd.

(Exam 2)

Sect. 7.2:      (1-39)odd
Sect. 7.3:      (5-29)odd, 35, 37, 39.
Sect. 7.4:      (5-35)odd.
Sect. 7.5:      (3-31)odd, 35, 37, 39.
Sect. 7.6:      (5-35)odd.
Sect. 8.1:      (1-21)odd.
Sect. 8.2:      (1-29)odd.
Sect. 8.3:      (1-27)odd.
Sect. 8.4:      (1-39)odd.

(Exam 3)

Sect. 8.5:      (1-19)odd.
Sect. 8.6:      (1-21)odd.
Sect. 5.1:      (1-19)odd, (32-41)odd.
Sect. 5.2:      (1-21)odd.
Sect. 5.3:      (1-21)odd.


The first quiz of the semester may be found here. The solution for the quiz is here

The quiz given during the week of Sept. 13 is here. Here is the solution to this quiz.

This quiz was given during the week of Sept. 20. The solution is here. (This was a take-home quiz.)

Here is quiz number four and its solution.

Quiz number five was given during the week of Oct. 4. The solutions for this quiz are here.

The week of Oct. 11 will have two quizzes, numbers six and seven.
Here, and here, respectively, are those two quizzes.

Quiz 8 was given during the week of October 25.

The first week of November brought the ninth Quiz.

This is Quiz 10.

Here is the take home quiz for this week.

Quiz 12 was during the last week of november. This quiz acted as a curve on exam 3.

Finally, here is the last Quiz of the semester.


Here is the first Exam of the semester, together with its solutions. This test was given during the week of Sept. 20. (Note that the order of the problems may be different from the exam you worked in class.)

Here is a sample exam for the second exam of the semester. Here are the answers for the sample exam. (Note that these are in .pdf format so you will need a .pdf viewer.)
Finally, here is the second Exam of the semester.

The third exam came at a terrible time. This exam may be dropped if doing so will improve your grade.

Here are some sample problems to help you study for the final.


Here is the first project of the semester. It is worth eight points.

The second project of the semester may be found here.

The final project of the semester is due by the time of your final.