Andrew M. Diener

Info: I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Christian Brothers University in Memphis Tennessee.


  1. BA in Mathematics from St. Mary's University of San Antonio.
  2. MS in Mathematics from Texas A&M (at College Station)
  3. PhD in Mathematics from Texas A&M (at College Station)
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Currently Teaching

This fall I am teaching PreCalculus ( Math 107, and Math 110). The previous links lead to the sylabbi for those courses.

Lower on this page are links to past courses. I strongly recommend that current students look over old tests and quizzes. Think of them as study guides.


If you are a current student of mine and would like to see examples of the types of tests and quizzes that I write you may want to take a look at the following links. You will find old quizzes, projects and exams some of which have solutions posted. These are courses that were taught at Texas A&M and Rhodes College, so the numbering system will not be familiar to Christian Brothers students. Math 141 is Finite math for business majors, Math 142 is Applied Calculus (predominantly for business majors), Math 251 is Cal III, Math 365 and Math 366 are the two semesters of a sequence specific to elementary education majors. All of those classes are Texas A&M Classes. I taught at Rhodes College,for one year (2000/2001), the 161, 162 sequence is a two semester discrete mathematics course, 115 is Applied Calculus and 121 is first semester calculus at Rhodes.
Math 251(Fall 97).
Math 141(Summer 98)
Math 141(Fall 99)

Math 142.(Spring 2000)
Math 365(Fall 99).
Math 366(Spring 2000)
Math 366(Summer 2000).

Here are the courses I taught at Rhodes College.
Math 115Fall(2000),
Math 121Fall(2000), and
Math 161Fall(2000),
Math 115Spring(2001), and
Math 162Spring(2001).

Here are the courses I have taught at Christian Brothers.

Math 101Spring(2002)
Math 101Fall(2002)
Math 101Fall(2003)
Math 101Fall(2004)
Math 101Spring(2005)
Math 101Fall(2005)
Math 101Spring(2006)

Math 103Fall(2010)
Math 103Fall(2011)
Math 103 Fall(2012)
Math 103 Fall(2013)

Math 105Fall(2001)
Math 105Spring(2002)
Math 105Fall(2002)
Math 105Fall(2003)
Math 105Fall(2006)
Math 105Spring(2008)
Math 105Fall(2009)
Math 105Spring(2010)
Math 105Fall(2010)
Math 105Spring(2012)
Math 105Fall(2012)
Math 105Spring(2013)
Math 105Fall(2013)
(Math 105)Spring(2014)

Math 106Sum(2002)
Math 106Sum(2003)
Math 106,Spring(2004)
Math 106,Fall(2004)
Math 106,Spring(2006)
Math 106 Fall(2006)
Math 106 Spring(2007)
Math 106 Fall(2008)
Math 106 Fall(2010)
(Math 106) Spring2016

Math 107 Fall(2014)
(Math 107)Fall(2015)

Math 108 Fall(2003).

Math 110 Fall(2014)
(Math 110)Fall(2015)

Math 117 Fall(2008)
Math 117 Fall(2009)
Math 117 Fall(2010)
Math 117 Spring(2011)
Math 117Fall(2011)
Math 117Spring(2012)
Math 117Fall(2012)
Math 117Spring(2013)
Math 117Fall(2013)
(Math 117)Spring(2014)

These courses were taught using the Hughes-Hallet textbook:
Math 132Summer(2001)
Math 132Summer(2004)
Math 132Summer(2005)
Math 132Spring(2006)
Math 132Summer(2006)
Math 132Spring(2006)
(Math 132)Spring(2015)

At this point we switched to the Smith and Minton Textbook so do your studying accordingly.
Math 132Summer(2007)
Math 132Summer(2008)
Math 132Summer(2010)
Math 132Summer(2012
Math 132Summer(2013)
Math 132Summer(2014)
Math 132Summer(2015)
Math 132Summer(2016)

These courses were taught using the Hughes-Hallet textbook:
Math 131Fall(2001)
Math 131Fall(2002)
Math 131,Spring(2004)

At this point we switched to the Smith and Minton Textbook so do your studying accordingly.
Math 131Fall(2006)
Math 131Fall(2007)
(Math 131)Fall(2016)
Math 131Spring(2018)

(Math 141)Spring(2015)

Math 151Spring(2007)
Math 151Spring(2009)
Math 151 Spring(2011)
Math 151 Fall(2013)
Math 151 Fall(2014)
(Math 105)Spring(2015)

Math 152Fall(2007)
Math 152Fall(2008)
Math 152Fall(2009)
Math 152 Fall(2011)
Math 152 Fall(2015)
Math 152)Spring(2018)

These courses were taught using the Hughes-Hallet textbook:
Math 232Summer(2004)
Math 232Spring(2005)
Math 232Summer(2005)
Math 232Summer(2006)
Math 232Spring(2007)

At this point we switched to the Smith and Minton Textbook so do your studying accordingly.
Math 232Summer(2007)
Math 232Summer(2008)
Math 232Spring(2009)
Math 232Summer(2009)
Math 232Summer(2010)
Math 232Summer(2012)
Math 232Summer(2013)
Math 232 Summer(2014)
Math 232Summer(2105)
Math 132 Spring (2016)
Math 232Summer(2106)
Math 232Summer(2016)

Math 201(biostatistics)(Fall(2004)
Math 201(biostatistics)(Fall(2005)
Math 201(biostatistics)(Spring(2008)
Math 201(biostatistics)(Spring(2009)
Math 201(biostatistics)(Spring(2010)
Math 201(biostatistics)(Spring2011)
(Math 201) (biostatistics)(Spring2014)
(Math 201)(biostatistics(Spring2015)

Math 301 Spring(20013)

Math 402 Spring(2008)
(Math 402) Spring(2014)

(Math 413) Fall(2016)

Andrew M. Diener